Hi Everyone! My name is Tony, but I answer to T-bone, T, Little T, and when circumstances dictate, Anthony. I have been passed around a bit due to my extreme dislike of being alone.  I get very anxious, nervous, and downright scared. Right now I have a foster family who stuck with me through thick and thin and has gotten me on the right track and into a really good groove.  I have been taking medicine to help my anxiety (it’s not expensive and it really helps) and my foster dad works at home while my foster mom is in and out frequently during the day, so I’m rarely alone, and that suits me just fine. It works out so well that I really need to have a very similar setup in my forever home.

tony2I get along with other dogs but never learned how to play properly (with humans or other dogs), and at this point I’m pretty set in my ways. I would do well with a calm canine sibling (no feline siblings please) but please don’t adopt me expecting me to be a playmate. I must also have a fenced yard since only completely uncivilized dogs go potty on a leash. I refuse. I love love love to go for walks, but I do not care to stop and smell the roses (or bushes or poles) along the way. I have learned to “wait” for my foster brother who loves to smell all of those things.


Over the last 8 weeks I’ve learned to sleep (and snore!) in a wire crate at night, and I tolerate it as needed during the day when my humans have to go out. I eat well but it’s not easy for me to put on weight, so despite my devastatingly handsome broad chest, my back end is very slender. I’ve grown to love and appreciate a frozen peanut butter filled Kong and frozen bananas as treats as well.


Due to my part time job as the “fun police” and my never having learned proper play, I cannot go to a home with children under 12. If you have older children (or no children), a calm canine or no canine, and promise to be as loyal to me as I will be to you, please consider adopting sweet little me. I’ll even let you brush my teeth and keep my wonky ear clean.