Taz has found his forever home!

taz1Taz is an amazing little guy.
He is a little tank and does all the good things a Frenchie would: snorts, fart propels, blow hole sneezes, walks funny, runs like a rabbit or a tank (in that case the latter), asks for more attention, cuddles on the sofa, sleeps and pretty much cares less to listen to commands and would rather just own you with all the cuteness in the world.
Taz is perfect. He is sweet and strong. He does not really want to walk much (maybe because it is too cold now) and certainly does not want to hike or go to the park. Taz wants his own backyard and his own human person. He will not share, little selfish ain’t it?
Well who cares, Taz has not been given the best cards and is about 7-9 years old now. So what Taz needs is a human that loves and understands the breed, no young kids preferably and no other animals at all.
I took Taz to training with Ready Sit Go and it was not a success. The conclusion is that it stresses him out and it is best to find him a safe place where he is the only dog and can receive all the attention. He is still on alert and I understand. He was used and abused, bred, and dumped.
I wanted to keep Taz but he won’t warm up to my girl Bambi. On their first meeting, he bit her back paw and would hardly let go. Bambi was not hurt but since then, even with trying gently to acquaint them, he still wants a piece of her.
Why force him if we can find a better home?
I am now determined to find an amazing companion for this amazing soul.
Taz has had a complete dental. This was done in two parts because he had to have so many teeth removed. He is fully vetted, healthy, and up to date on his vaccines.
– Taz enjoys bath time. He stays still and let’s you lather him and massage him.
– Taz is learning to sit and stay before meals not to train him but rather teach him a little patience. Of course it never lasts but it proves his gentleness and willingness to listen.
Let’s not forget he is a bully and that will always be on his terms anyway. And that is why we love them.
– Taz burps after dinner
– Taz farts while he runs and it sounds like he is going to take off (quote cute of you ask me)
– Taz loves to get his eye tears and stain wiped with love
– Taz will follow you around in case you drop food unless he thinks there is something going on and starts searching what’s up
– Taz is not picky with food but make no mistake he does prefer real chicken
– Taz is easy going
– Taz is sweet and loving
-Taz’s donation fee will be $250
**SPECIAL NOTE- Taz will not be adopted to a home with other animals nor children under 12 due to his reactive anxiety**
If you are interested in Taz, be sure you have an application in and then email rockymountainfbr@gmail.com and tell us why you are his perfect forever home.