Maddie (Momo) has found her fur-ever home!


Momo (Maddie) is a sweet girl that will cuddle you all day and night if you let her.  She has a sweet disposition and likes to be near those she is comfortable with.  Momo gets sad when her humans are not around her and will get some separation anxiety.  She needs toys or a good game of fetch to let out some of the built up energy.  Momo is not necessarily motivated by food and prefers to be given verbal and physical praise.  When Momo is excited (early in the mornings or if she hasn’t seen you in a while), she gets very excited and needs to go on a long walk to calm down. She loves being outside!    Otherwise, Momo is a sleepy dog and likes to take lots of naps and rest in cozy places.  Sometimes, Momo gets aggressive with other dogs, but this is not with every dog.  She would be most comfortable in a home where she is the only dog. Momo is getting used to being around kids and is starting to do better with more exposure.   She sometimes gets anxious or scared of people she does not know, but if she is in a comfortable environment, she does great!  Momo is just looking for someone to give her lots of lovings and is happy to give all of that love right back. Momo is approximately 3 years old and is spayed. Her donation fee will be $500.


5 thoughts on “Maddie (Momo) has found her fur-ever home!

  1. Kristen Stenbakken 303-746-0537 says:

    Do you believe Momo would do OK in a multi-dog house, with another Frenchie and 2 English Bulldogs? I filled out an app earlier this year and would be interested in meeting Momo. Thanks.

  2. Melissa Gebert says:

    I would love to adopt Momo! We have an Australian Shepard in the house right now, is there any way they would be able to meet?

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