Bruno has found his forever Home!

Hi! I’m Bruno! I’m 7 years and spent most of my life as a breeder. Now that I’m retired, I just want to all your love. And all the love of anyone else that walks by. My favorite pastime is following you around the house. If you’re cooking, I’ll be right next to you in case you want to pet me.

I’m not bothered by anything really. My foster mama had a cat and another frenchie. They are ok I guess. I do my own thing. My foster sister Luna likes to play sometimes and we have a good time for a few minutes. Then I go about my main goal of following you… or snooping. I’m really curious.

If you leave a door open, I want to know what’s inside! I really like to tear up paper, so my foster mama says it’s best if I don’t have access to things I’m not supposed to play with. I’m okay hanging out in my kennel while you’re away. As long as I get to go potty right before, I’ll just sleep.

I don’t bark much. Only to let you know when it’s time for me to go potty. If you don’t take me potty, don’t worry, I’ll find a spot in the house. Or if you leave me in the kennel and I want attention!

I’m really good on walks and am really excited to meet new people and new dogs. I’m not shy and will say hello to anyone! I like to give everyone kisses. I don’t really chase squirrels or rabbits, they just aren’t interesting to me.

I’m just looking for someone to love me and let me live out my retirement like a king. I’ll be your best buddy and will go anywhere with you, as long as it’s not too hot or too cold. Although I get along with everyone, I really like all of your attention. So being the only dog would be best. But I’m cool with one or two relaxed friends. I can’t wait to meet you!

Bruno is a healthy, neutered 7yo male. His adoption fee is $500. If you are interested in adopting Bruno, please be sure you have meet the adoption requirements and then email us at about why your home is perfect for Bruno.

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