Successful In Furever Homes

All these following dogs are happily adopted!


Winnie is a 4 year old Frenchie who was surrendered by her family when they got a second dog Between the new dog and the young children at the home Winnie didn’t get the attention she needs. Winnie is by far the most active French bulldog her foster family has ever encountered (quite the accomplishment given their 13 years of experience). She is very puppy-like in her energy and behavior. She doesn’t do anything half way, instead of hopping up on the bed, she gets a running start and jumps from 4 feet away. Instead of curling up next to you, she simply prances across your lap. She is the sweetest dog and adores being the center of attention! Winnie’s all or nothing behavior is mitigated by the fact that she has had extensive obedience training. She is very well trained and comes immediately when called and will cease doing something wrong when told no. However, Winnie is a smart and stubborn girl who will push and test boundaries. She needs a firm hand who she acknowledges as her pack leader and some work on her over excitement when meeting new people (luckily she is cute and most people don’t mind her hopping up on them). Winnie will make an excellent companion for an active household. She needs to be the center of attention, but is exceptionally well trained so any attention seeking behaviors are easily stopped.

Winnie needs a very active family, as mentioned, she is very active. She can play at the park for hours and not get tired. She loves toys and playing fetch and she will play endlessly. She enjoyed hiking and is wonderful on the leash.  Currently, without a yard Winnie gets 3-4 walks a day and at least 2 hour+ visits to the dog park. We noticed at the park that she does well in the pack and has a great time playing chase. She is not aggressive, but sensitive about her personal space. If a dog doesn’t respect it she will provide a reminder. She also takes time to introduce herself to all the people. She is definitely a people dog and just can’t get enough attention.

A typical day for Winnie is a long morning walk, a trip to Starbucks, breakfast and then she will settle down in Foster Dad’s office in her bed. She stays there or comes to see what Foster Mamma is up to in her office. Usually she brings a toy to play a short round of fetch with Foster Mamma. We play fetch and then take a quick walk outside to stretch our legs. Winnie will go back to her bed by Foster Dad and stay there until he takes her out later in the afternoon or if he is too busy she waits until evening. When everyone is done with work, it is “Winnie Time”. She is such a good girl all day so we take time to play fetch or tug with her usually for 35-45 minutes followed by a pre-dinner walk. She gets her dinner when her foster parents have dinner and then settles in to watch TV with them. If she gets bored, she lets you know by brining you a toy. Usually there is a quick round of fetch and then she settles back down. Before bed she goes out to do her business one last time. Winnie is crate trained and used to being in her crate, but would much rather snuggle with you in bed. When she first came to rescue she startled easily at every random noise, so we put her in her crate and covered it at night. The random barking dissipated as she got more comfortable and used to the sounds of our home and neighborhood. She sleeps in the bed with us now and based on how she sleeps, it is obvious Winnie doesn’t know that she isn’t a small dog. She will get all excited about bed time, but as soon as you tell her to settle down she will. She likes to burrow in the bed and is an expert snuggler. She also does fine alone in the house. We have tested her for varying lengths of time and she is always in her bed and there is no damage to anything, so she doesn’t have to be in her crate all the time.

Winnie is just wonderful. She is sweet, well trained and just so happy-go-lucky that it is nearly impossible for you to be in a bad mood around her. She will be a perfect addition to an active household who will adore her and spoil her like the princess she is!

Kids- No young children. Older Children (13+) would be great, she would have more people to play with.

Cats- She thinks they are her friends! She was interested in the foster family cat, and gave him kisses and wanted to play with him. As soon as the cat let her know his boundaries she was very respectful. We do caution as her high energy could turn to prey drive if kitty is too passive.

Other Dogs- Given her history, no. She prefers to have all of the attention to herself. However, she plays just fine with other dogs, she just doesn’t want to share her family or food with anyone else. While we know your dog is amazing and is probably great with others; Winnie is not. She is territorial about her home and is highly on guard to other dogs in it. Therefore, she will not be placed in a home with others. 

Yard- Winnie is such an active girl that a yard is preferred. In foster she gets 3-4 walks (2 long and 1 or 2 shorter) a day and goes to the dog park two or more times a week. 

Potty Trained- YES! Never had an accident, she can use a dog door but also knows to and goes to the door when she needs to go outside

Medical Issues- She does have some itchy skin caused by both food an environmental.

For additional photos and videos from Winnie’s foster family, please follow THIS LINK. 

Winnie’s Donation is $500. A one week in-home trial is required and then adoption paperwork and payment will be done. 

If you are interested in Winnie, please send an email to stating why your home is the best home for Winnie. The more detailed, the better! You can also send pictures and videos. Applications will be accepted until 9pm MST 12/5.


All About Lola!


Lola is a 3.5yo (birthday in February) SF French Bulldog who looks like a boxer puppy! She is up to date on vaccines

  • We say Lola is the best of both worlds- she is the CUDDLIEST dog and will literally curl up in a ball next to you or on top of you, but then when she wakes up she will wrestle with you, run with you, and do zoomies without getting tired.
  • Lola loves to sleep in the bed either right next to us, or on top of our pillows behind our head. She is such a cuddler.
  • Lola is the sweetest little girl. She is a lover and you will feel so loved when you are around her.
  • Lola does get spooked easily and likes to use her voice and bark inside as well as outside when she sees new people or dogs. She is calm when meeting them and can be a little hesitant, but loves everyone she meets.
  • Lola is great in the car- she is in the car at least 2 times a week and does great
  • Lola has endurance. We will take her on a 1-2 mile walk and our Frenchie will be panting and tired and Lola won’t even be panting AT ALL! Her face isn’t flat so she can breathe and regulate her temperature much better than most frenchies I know.
  • Lola loves to hike
  • Lola doesn’t like bodies of water- creeks, lakes etc- she likes to steer clear!
  • Lola is good off leash. She doesn’t run and comes when called
  • Lola is great with other dogs, and does best with younger dogs. She loves to play and wrestle with other dogs and she doesn’t quite understand older dogs that don’t want that. Lola would benefit from a house with another young or energetic dog to play with- I think she would be sad/have too much energy if she was an only dog
  • Lola knows basic commands of sit and lay down. She’s working on not humping, not jumping, and not stealing food!
  • Lola loves to give kisses to her humans
  • Lola will be your shadow, she will follow you around. You go to the bathroom, Lola is in there with you!
  • Lola loves pillows and the couch- often I will find her alone cuddled up on a pillow on the couch or bed.
  • Lola sleeps in her bed near me when I work, but she likes to play or go for a walk every few hours- she gets restless if she doesn’t get a lot of play and exercise.
  • Lola is good with cats. She is interested in my cat, but for the most part she respects him. Every now and then she will bark and him and try to play with him, all friendly and not aggressive.
  • Lola is good in different environments. She’s been hiking, camping, to restaurants, in cars, to multiple different houses and she does well everywhere she goes.
  • Lola will do well with someone that wants to integrate her into their life and add her to their active lifestyle. She can do much more than a standard Frenchie in terms of exercise and heat tolerance given her taller stature, lean body, wide open nostrils, and not flat face. While individuals should still be aware of her needs as a dog, she can run laps around most Frenchies and their breathing issues. She literally runs laps around my dog
  • When leaving Lola alone I give her a treat as I walk out the door and she does fine in my home for a few hours. When leaving her for longer than 1-2 hours I do crate her and she does well in the crate.
  • She drinks so much water she has to go out every 2 hours or she WILL pee in the house. Her tell that she needs to go out is often restlessness.


  • Lola eats 1 cup of Hills D/D Skin Issues food with a splash of water twice a day.
  • Lola gets treats that do not have any other animal by products. So her treats are fruit/peanut butter based and she does well on these (fruitables)
  • Lola LOVES water. She drinks a ton and loves a water fountain (we are going to buy her one to send home with her adopters because she loves it so much!)
  • Lola also likes Whimzees Natural Grain Free Dental Dog Treats about every 2 weeks to help keep her teeth clean


  • Lola has some specific medical issues. Please know she does also have a severe allergy to stings. You will need to be sure you have prednisone and benedryl with you at all times with her in case of a reaction.
  • Lola gets 2 pumps of her allergy serum under her tongue before each meal
  • Lola gets ½ prednisone every other day in the am
  • Lola needs medicated baths (soak the shampoo for 10 minutes) every 1-2 weeks followed by medicated conditioner. She tolerates these well although she gets cold when the shampoo is soaking
  • Lola gets her face folds wiped nightly with chlorohexidine wipes followed by wrinkle balm- her face is really the only part of her that is still itchy. Her folds are red and don’t have a ton of hair
  • She is prone to ear infections so her ears also need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks with malacetic.

If you are interested in Lola, please be sure you have your application on file and then submit a (200 words or so) email as to why your home is perfect for Lola to  Lola’s donation fee is $250.


Nala is a 4-ish year old Frenchie-Puggle mix who was found left in the “Overnight Drop” of  a shelter.  According to them she was severely shut down and acted like a much older dog. She came to foster and blossomed in an environment she felt loved. Her vet check came back without any issues so she is a healthy girl with no special needs. Nala was obviously someone’s pet because she is not only potty trained, but knows commands such as not jumping on the furniture unless invited when people are on them! She settled in well in the home and quickly learned her boundaries. She is an absolute love! She is an extra sweet snuggler who just adores people. On her first day she would flop on her back whenever anyone went to pet her. She loves belly rubs, and after a couple days of getting settled, she actively sought out affection.

She is an independent and active girl who plays with stuffed toys (the harder she can shake them the better). She is exceptionally smart, so making sure she has toys that stimulate her is important. We have several treat distributing Brain Teaser toys that she LOVES and they keep her from getting bored.  Nala is not destructive at all. She hasn’t chewed on anything that wasn’t her own toy since coming into foster. She is happy to spend her day hanging out doing her own thing. She is content to be alone and although we have put her in the crate when we are away, it is unlikely she would do anything but hop up on the sofa and nap while you were gone.

Nala will sleep in her crate (if it is covered up) but prefers to sleep in the bed with her people. Overall she is an independent and easy going girl with the sweetest personality and a genuine love of people. In the home she really is the perfect pet, an absolute joy who loves people.

Although Nala is absolutely amazing, she was not well socialized. It is likely she was an only dog, or never interacted with other dogs outside her family pack. The ideal home for Nala would have a fenced space (a small space is fine) where she can enjoy her space around without being bothered by strangers (like neighbor dogs or cats). Nala does fine with those animals she sees as members of her family, but will become aggressive towards stranger animals (she loves all people).

She has a high prey drive, so in an urban environment without a yard to romp around she struggled on be comfortable on the leash. She doesn’t enjoy going for walks; she want to go outside and smell everything and chase whatever she sees, which is why we feel a home with a small yard is important.

In addition to not be interested in walks, she became agitated  when she saw other dogs (she will screech non-stop and if they come to close, she becomes aggressive) and became obsessive if she saw a squirrel or rabbit (she walks with her nose to the ground in hunting mode). Her trainer believes the leash makes her feel like she is trapped, and since she can’t “escape” a threat (i.e stranger dog) she reacts aggressively. Nala would do best in a home where she has people who love her and she can have her own space, but interaction with strangers (dogs) is limited. She isn’t the type of dog to take to the dog park or out where there will be other dogs. She is perfectly happy to stay home with her pack and let them treat her like the little princess she is!  The vet has prescribed her a low dose of Prozac to help temper her obsessive behaviors and will help her transition into a forever home easily. She will need to stay on this medication indefinitely ($12/month).

Nala is an absolute doll who quickly adjusted to her foster home and who behaves beautifully in the home. She responds quickly to affection and treats (very food motivated!) and settles in quickly. Her only anxiety is only outside the home (she needs to be in a crate for car rides) and it is more over excitement that aggression. She is scrappy, but only if the other dog snaps first, she has only responded to perceived threats, not instigated. She is an wonderful dog who will be the a great addition to her forever family.

Kids– Yes. – Prefer over 10 years of age.

Cats– Totally fine with them! She happily shared foster parents laps with their kitty.

Other Dogs– No

Yard– Yes, she is used to being able to go outside and “patrol” and “hunt”, when on a leash she becomes over stimulated and very reactive to other dogs.

Potty Trained– YES! Never had an accident, she can use a dog door but also knows to and goes to the door when she needs to go outside.

If you are interested in Nala, please be sure you have your application on file and then submit a (200 words or so) email as to why your home is perfect for Nala to  Nala’s donation fee is $250.


Applications are closed for Gemma.
Gemma is a sweet and happy-go-lucky 4 year old retired mill mamma.
She wants nothing more than to be loved and absolutely adores people! She is great on a leash and likes riding in the car. She is crate trained but prefers sleeping on the bed with her people. She is a fantastic snuggler and is an excellent companion.

Initially Gemma was shy and unsure which made her reactive to other dogs and people, but it was not an aggressive reaction. When introduced to other dogs, she is interested and friendly. She responds to her people’s emotions, so she needs a laid back dog experienced home.

Gemma would do best in a home with a yard; she LOVES going outside. She is used to being able to go outside via a dog door and this is how she is potty trained. She is private about her potty habits, and although she adores going on walks, she doesn’t like to potty with an audience. Even after a long walk, she will come back inside and run out the dog door to go potty in private.

Gemma loves her people, and is content to spend her day laying in her bed at the your feet while you work. She doesn’t need someone home all the time, she is fine in her crate or being left out, however, she likes her crate when she is alone.

She is active, but not destructive so when left alone, she didn’t destroy anything. She didn’t show interest in anything that wasn’t a dog toy. Because she came from a mill, she marked everything at first. However, once she settled in (3 days) she didn’t do that anymore. She knows her name and responds to it. So she will do better without a name change. She also knows “Gem-Gem” and “Gemma-Bean”.

She is VERY SMART and learns very quickly. Clicker training is a great tool for her.

Cats- She is fine with them. She ignored the one in her foster home.

Other dogs- Absolutely! She would do really well with a calm playmate.

Kids- None under 15 years old. She isn’t a kid friendly dog. They give her anxiety and she snaps at them.

Favorites Antlers, McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Loud soft toys that she can shake

Special Consideration: Mild Allergies, 2 Zyrtec per day. Otherwise she is a very healthy dog.

Gemma is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and healthy. Bloodwork including lyme and heartworming testing were performed within the last couple of weeks and all is clear and healthy. Gemma’s adoption donation will be $750.

For full instructions on how to apply to adopt Gemma, please go here:


Charles update!

Charles was dumped on a trail in Denver on a very hot day in late July. Luckily, a Good Samaritan saw him and swooped in to save him. As you know, brachy breeds should not be out in the heat and no one knows how long he was there. He was taken to the local shelter and scanned for a chip. No chip found.

Why was Charles dumped? Because he’s paralyzed. He also had a very large wound on his neck. 

The shelter contacted us and once his stray hold had expired, his foster dad joyfully picked him up. Our supporters were so amazing donating through our Amazon list for Charles and he had everything he needed within days. We sent him a cart and drag bag as well as diaper covers. He was neutered and had vaccines and blood work. His wound was treated surgically and a drain was placed. He began PT. 

Charles is one of the sweetest, happiest guys we know. Nothing can stop him and he loves to be in his cart. His big brother adores him and protects him. His dads cherish this goofy boy. They adopted him in mid-August and Charles will never be abandoned again. 

We are so honored DAS called us for help. Charles is a true rescue story and deserves only his best life. 

You can help dogs like Charles by signing up for a monthly donation. $5 a month can and will Save a Life!


Arlo (Winston) Update!

Winston (now Arlo) was lovingly surrendered to us in May. His family was heartbroken but knew they were making the right decision for Arlo. He came to us with most of his health issues under control and we have continued testing and monitoring to be sure he stays healthy. Arlo has a congestive heart issue and also a liver that stores copper. But that was not why he was surrendered. Arlo decided he didn’t really like children. As he grew up, he began to get more and more anxious around the young children in the home. Trainers and behaviorists were consulted and brought into the home. Eventually, it was determined Arlo was just anxious with kids. This is not unusual for us to encounter in rescue and knew Arlo needed a home where he would be king with no other pets and no children simply to reduce his anxiety. 

In our care, Arlo had liver tests run and an echo on his heart. They will both need monitoring, and he needs a special anesthesia protocol, but Arlo is healthy. Our behaviorist visited Arlo and his foster home and gave tips and pointers on Arlo’s thoughts and moods. His foster dad fell in love. As we were preparing for the adoption, his dad found a lump. The lump turned out to be a mast cell tumor (cancer). After a cardiologist visit and a radiologist and anesthesiologist consult, we felt secure to have Arlo anesthetized for the quick procedure.  He came through with flying colors! The vet got clean margins from the cancer and all looks wonderful for Arlo’s future. He has one final check-up and then his adoption will be finalized. He is a happy and goofy boy. His anxiety is gone but he does still have some quirks. Thanks to our behaviorist, his dad is able to help Arlo during these periods and everyone is thrilled for Arlo in his Furever home. 

You can help dogs like Arlo by signing up for a monthly donation. $5 a month can and will Save a Life!


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Annie was a breeder surrender. She is a tiny little 4yo. Annie came to us with heartworm. After 6 long months of treatment, she is finally cleared! Just as we were getting ready to schedule her spay and dental, she went into heat! She will be spayed soon.


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Boots is a breeder surrender. One of our followers found these girls and adopted them from the breeder. However, upon vet visits, she realized their medical needs were beyond her ability and called us.

Boots saw the vet yesterday: Her leg is backwards. Her hip is so bad that over time it has turned her knee around. She will need to see a specialist. Current thought is the hip socket may need to be removed in order for her leg to have physical therapy to bring that knee back to the front.


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Elsa was a breeder surrender. She came in with the other three girls. One of our followers found them on a page and wanted to help them. Once she got them home, she realized they need some pretty serious vetting that was beyond her ability and asked us to step in. Elsa appears to be about 5yo. She is currently in heat so cannot be spayed. She does have a large tumor in her mouth. Elsa will be seeing Vista on Friday to figure out what that is and get her bloodwork done.


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Jehuty was a transfer into us from a humane society due to aggression. However, we see no aggression in this cuddly little man! He just doesn’t really care for other dogs and hated the shelter environment! Jehuty is being tested for other behaviors but at this time, he is a happy and healthy 4yo neutered boy!


Kevin was a breeder surrender at 8 weeks old due to Spina Bifida. He is completely mobile but does wear a diaper. Kevin will need special care and many vet appointments to determine his needs. He will also need his full set of vaccines and neutering.

To help Kevin: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe


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Leo is such an amazing funny little man. He really does capture the clown personality of the breed! He was surrendered by his loving owner in Idaho. This little guy thinks it is his absolute job on Earth to protect the woman in his life! Sadly, this means he is incredibly aggressive to anyone around her. Leo is currently placed in a home with just a man and is thriving. He doesn’t think he needs to be “on guard” at all times. We will continue to monitor Leo and his behavior until he is available for adoption.


Mia is a 6 month old female who was owner surrendered due to rectal prolapse. She had severe diarrhea for a long time and kept prolapsing. Her loving family could no longer afford the vet and surgical bills to keep her healthy. After extensive testing, we found she has an overgrowth of viral agents in her gut. We have her on special food and medicine and her diarrhea is clearing up. With this firming, she will not prolapse. We hope that when her meds are finished in late March, she will be a healthy puppy.

To donate to Mia’s care:

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Tilly was a breeder surrender. She is estimated at 5yo. She will be seeing Vista Vet in Erie on Friday. We will know more about her needs at that time.

To Help Tilly: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe


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Nash (Norman) was a breeder surrender with Pugsley and Wrigley. He has just had his neuter and will be adoptable soon. Nash was adopted by his foster family.


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Leo is such an amazing funny little man. He really does capture the clown personality of the breed! He was surrendered by his loving owner in Idaho. This little guy thinks it is his absolute job on Earth to protect the woman in his life! Sadly, this means he is incredibly aggressive to anyone around her. Leo is currently placed in a home with just a man and is thriving. He doesn’t think he needs to be “on guard” at all times. Leo was adopted by his foster dad.

PUGSLEY has been adopted!

Hello! I’m Pugsley! Let me tell you about myself.
I like to play with the human children often. I also love the company of Gomez, my Frenchie friend… and Logan who’s a little bigger but he’s my other dog friend. I love to play with toys, balls, stuffed animals. I like it all! Sometimes I like to tease the human children by putting their shoes, underwear, and socks all over the house. I know not to chew them, but I like to be mischievous. The human children are 5 years old and 13 years old. I like to cuddle with the older child, and I like to play with the younger child. I also love meeting new people. I never jump or nip but I do like to go up to them and sniff away! Sometimes I get lucky and they will pet me, so I greet them with doggie kisses. 
My foster mom and I go for walks. I don’t like the harness or leash as much, but I am trying. Once I get going, I have no problem with it, and I enjoy it. I was very hesitant at first but with each walk it becomes easier and easier. I love the outdoors so it’s a lot of fun. However, my mom says I also must use the potty outside. I sometimes like to but sometimes I don’t get it and need extra help learning to go outside for that purpose. I just want to play, and I forget! I do need extra time outside to focus on going potty. I’m still learning but I promise I’m worth the time and patience. 

I love people and other animals, but I also like my crate. I usually like my crate while my foster mom is at work. It gives me a chance to rest and relax. I really like it when she leaves the radio on for me. I never go potty in my crate. I like to keep a clean tidy space. 
I am a healthy 3-year-old and 30lb Frenchie. I don’t have a special diet, but grain free food sits better in my tummy. I’m not crazy about treats but I do love bully sticks to chew on. I do not have any allergies I am aware of. I have a lot of love, kisses, cuddles and play time I want to share with someone. I hope they have other doggos. I love company. I cannot wait to meet you and share with you all I have to offer. 

Pugsley has no medical issues. He has had his nares opened and palate trimmed. He is neutered. Pugsley came from a breeder release in OK. His adoption fee will be $750. Be sure you have your adoption application (same as the foster application) on file. Once you do, please send us an email at (about 250 words) explaining why your house is perfect for Pugsley. We will also ask that you have shown support for the rescue – either by donations, volunteer activities, or being a previous foster.


MEET “Snow” (aka Bunny for how she hops through the grass!). This little darling is a sweet, petite, demanding princess that expects your full attention and if she doesn’t have it, will do whatever it takes to get it in the most charming way. Snow is a mill mama and is learning how to dog! 

She is the epitome of a Frenchie lady. She has a strong cuddle game and is happiest next to you on the sofa and in your bed at night. She is a quiet sleeper and after much negotiation, her bedtime is now 9:30pm. She wakes at 6AM. She likes her schedules. Although she is quite the little character at her foster home, she can be shy with visitors but warms up quickly with a little sweet talk and a back scratch. She is doing well with learning. She gives a high five, shakes, and when she feels inclined; sits when asked. She adores her early morning, midday and evening walks to visit the livestock. She shows no interest in the horses but is curious around chickens. There is one hen here that she’d love to chase if I let her and she makes halfhearted attempts to chase rabbits. She is curtailed with a simple no or short whistle. She responds well with verbal cues and is quite lovely on and off leash. She is very athletic and loves to run although is insecure with wandering off too far to explore even in the safety of the backyard. She hasn’t quite figured out how to take care of business in the grass (specifically bowel movements) but easily urinates with the firm consistent command, “Go Potty”. She will need a continual consistent schedule to continue housetraining. 

Snow is curious about everything that is not a toy, meaning she would rather empty a water bowl and carry it around than play with the 10 toys in the house. She does play a gentle game of tug o war on occasion with a rope or rag toy. She will pick up a bully stick and chew on it for a while. She LOVES watching television and will sit quietly on the sofa or floor paying attention to every detail of what is happening. Her favorite shows are HGTV’s Island Hunters and Covert Affairs. She loves her spy shows! She lives on belly and butt rubs. Her favorite snacks are a few pieces of plain popcorn, cheese or hotdogs (used for her antibiotics). 
She is eating well and is currently on Pro Plan’s canned shredded turkey, peas and rice. This diet has produced zero allergic flare ups and the issues with her skin when she arrived are almost resolved. She does get an oatmeal bath once a week to stave off the “itchies” and OxyMed topical spray is used on her feet when she occasionally (rarely) licks them. This is usually after a long time out on the grass so there may be some sensitivity there or it may be residual from her past home situation. Her ropes, ears and between her toes are cleaned with witch hazel wipes to prevent future yeast flareups and she has gotten used to her “spa treatments”. Her skin is getting soft and light pink and she no longer has the smell of infection. Her coat is beautiful: healthy and shiny with minimal shed. She sleeps on the bed or in a crate but in true Bully fashion, prefers the bed. 

She is getting used to rides in the car and she is very well behaved on leash when going to stores like Big R or PetSmart. She has two beds in the house and prefers the pillows from my sofa or the sofa itself. Snow is all about relaxation and taking in the summer days by laying in the hammock with you. She will stand in her pool to cool off but will not seek it out on her own. 
Overall, Snow has quickly adjusted to single girl living and loves having an attentive human be at her beck and call. She is quiet and has barked once when crated for the first time. Typical Frenchie loud snoring and flatulence has spared this girl and her breathing is quite perfect with only ladylike snorts and snores. She is quiet and calm and would really love a likeminded family to call her own. 

Snow will be best in a home where she is in charge. If you have another dog, he should be smaller (Frenchie size) and a passvie male. She has been good with small children; we will consider a home with respectful small kiddos. *Children and dogs should never be left alone together.* 

Snow is healthy and up to date on vaccines. She is about 3 years old. Her adoption fee will be $500. If you are interested in adopting snow, please be sure you have meet the adoption requirements and then email us at about why your home is perfect for Snow.


This sweet (4yo NM) boy is up to date on vaccines; he has so much love to give and quite the personality. When he loves, he loves 100%. Bain was attacked by a large dog and lost the use of his legs. Because of physical therapy, he is back at 90%. While this is the best he may get, he rarely uses his cart. His PT will need to be continued in his new home. This can be done in the home once his family is shown how to do it.

Bain has slowly regained control of his bladder. When excited, he does still dribble. This is easily maintained by him wearing belly bands if you know that company is stopping by.

He is happy spending time cuddling, chasing you on the lawn, and then taking a little siesta in his playpen. He has been attending laser and physical therapy and has had some positive results. RMFBR will continue to cover his physical therapy for two months at his new home. Please keep in mind that he may not regain full use of his rear legs.

He has been set up with his wheels and they will go with him. Click to see him run:

Currently, he is a Home Depot celebrity. Bain is being fostered by a family with two female dogs, his same size, and does well. Bain’s perfect family would be someone who works from home, or is home often, or is retired. He does do well being left in his playpen or even out with for a couple of hours. He has two foster sisters that are same sized female dog(s) and he would do well with a small female companion and possibility a submissive male. He has improved greatly about his resource guarding of his food, toys, playpen, crate, and sharing of toys as he has gained more trust with his foster sisters and family.

Bain tolerates his crate, but prefers his playpen, and knows how to use a doggy door. He does not have any issues with his bowels or urinary emptying, but at times he cannot voluntarily control them. He will also benefit from his new home continuing to work on flexibility & stretching with daily 5-10-minute exercises. He loves baths and takes them often.

If you are interested we ask that you apply by submitting an application and an email to explaining why your home is perfect for Bain that will be reviewed by the board. He does well with older kids that do not tease, but probably best if no dogs over 30 lbs. It is best if he is carried down stairs (he wants nothing more than to be your shadow) and he will follow you if you leave him. He can also climb stairs as he is very strong in his front legs. A home visit will be required and a vet letter of recommendation is encouraged. Bain will be placed in the home best for him. Bain’s safety and happiness are our top priority. Please show proof of support for RMFBR. This is done by volunteering (ie one of our events or fundraisers you’ve worked), being a previous foster, or monthly donations. We do this because we love those of you who are dedicated to rescuing.

Bain is currently located in Salt Lake City, UT, but applications will be considered for other states. Bain’s donation will be $250.

Bain is currently located in Salt Lake City, UT, and his current foster family would love to help train how to do PT and helping Bain integrate into the perfect family. They are willing to be available and for (occasional) daycare or boarding if needed. Applications will be considered for other states if the adoptee can arrange transport and a home visit.

Bain’s adoption donation is $250

Bain has found his furever home!


Tink 6.JPG

Hello, very nice to meet you, my new name is Tink, my foster dad named me that because when I walk around the house my little feet go “tink, tink, tink.” Who doesn’t love the sound of little paws? They also call me Tinker Bell sometime, because I am just that cute.Let me tell you a little bit about me. I was living with a family that had way too many dogs, so the people at RMFBR stepped in and took me to my new foster family. Here, I have settled in nicely and have learned what it is like to be a loving family pet.  I enjoy the company of other dogs and have daily wrestle sessions with my foster sisters. I am 100% potty trained and know how to go sit by the backdoor to let you know when it is time to go out, or I will even let myself out through a dog door. I know that being in my crate while the humans away is a safe and comfortable place to be and often will just go in there and lay down for a nap on my own. I am very proud to report I know how to walk nicely on a leash and know the commands of sit, off, go lay down, no, up, come, and stay. My humans are still working with me on more tricks, they say I am very smart! I love going to the dog park and get along with all other dogs and people I meet, big or small.My favorite things to do in my foster home is snuggle on the couch with my humans. They let me crawl up on their laps and lay my head on their chest for nap-time, that is the best. I have learned to love the snow and like romping through it, even when it is taller than me!The Dr. told me I have some allergies, but thanks to RMFBR they are now all under control. I will need a bath every week or two, but it is easy to do in the kitchen sink and I quite enjoy them, very relaxing. I also get an allergy shot once ever two weeks. The shots don’t bother me at all and I sit nicely for them.  I also am sensitive to food so will need a family that will feed me the kinds that work well for my skin, the great news is that the food can be purchased at pets mart so it is convenient. I also love veggies! Carrots, green beans, cucumbers, just call me a doggie composter.


Ok, well that is a awfully lot about me, I mean we haven’t even met yet! So fill out an application and lets get to know each other!

Tink 5.JPG

Adoption fee $250


Bella has found her furever home! Thank you for all the applications!


From her foster mom:

Bella is an amazing girl!  She is loyal and loving.  She tends to bond with one person and will follow them EVERYWHERE.  She sometimes needs coaxing to go potty outside, but with another dog she’ll follow him or her right outdoors.  She is potty trained and will go to the door when she has to go potty.  Make sure you take her out though because she tends to potty in her bed if you wait too long.  She’ll keep sleeping and do it.  It’s only happened twice.  She is extremely patient with children of all ages.  She doesn’t pay attention all the time, so if she gets excited she will knock a little one over.  Bella loves to sleep on the couch and in the bed.  Pretty much wherever anyone is she will be.  She walks well on a leash, but will follow you without one.  I haven’t taken her to a dog park off the leash, so I can’t tell you how she does in that situation.  Bella barks if someone comes to the door or if she gets really excited she’ll let one out, other than that though she is pretty quiet.  Bella has growled every once and a while if she is asleep on me and one of the other dogs comes up, but a little shhh and she stops.  She tends to be more skittish around guys than women.  She is definitely still a little timid around strangers, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell.  She usually won’t jump on the couch unless her and the others are playing around.  Her ears tend to get more buildup than my others, so I occasionally use the ear cleaning solution to rinse them out.  She will scoot too every once and a while, but baby wipes really seem to help.  Bella has been eating blue buffalo.  She knows how to sit, but is very stubborn.  She is treat motivated though!  She is just starting to eat without me in the room, so don’t be surprised if she tends to not eat alone.  She has a little bit of an alpha personality, but has been getting along with my alpha male (Ollie).  She doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys.  I’ve been trying to get her to play with me, but no luck.  She loves to play bite (cha cha) and lets you play with her muzzle.  She also LOVES snowballs.  She loves to catch them! I haven’t chanced leaving her out of the crate while away, but tries to slip out and scratches at the door if I run to my car.  I was afraid she would scratch.   She may also whine at first too.  My husband told me that she would whine and lay by the door for me to come back.  Slowly she has been leaving the door and hanging out with the rest of the family.  She still needs to learn no in regards to food left within reach, but all in all is an amazing dog.  She loves to lay in the sun with the boys, so the fenced yard has been a plus.  She knows her name now as well.  I think a home with another dog who doesn’t have a dominating personality would be best if an owner isn’t going to be home majority of the time.

Bella does have a large burn on her side. We are not sure the cause of this scar, but it does not seem to bother her any more.


Bella’s Adoption Donation is $500.

Adoption application:

Please email to:

Dog you are applying for

First Name
Last Name


City State/Province Zip/Postal



Age of Applicant

Occupation of Applicant

Where will the dog be while you are at work?

What is the nearest major city to you?

We do not ship dogs. How will you get the dog?

Please list household members (NAME/AGE/RELATIONSHIP TO YOU)

List all pets in household NAME / AGE / BREED / GENDER / ALTERED (SPAYED OR NEUTERED)?

Who will be responsible for the care of the dog?

Does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs? If yes, how will that be addressed?

Do you have brachy dog experience? (Experience with French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers or Bulldogs?)

If “Yes”, please list what breed(s).
How many years of brachy dog experience do you have?

If you do not have brachy dog experience, please explain what other K9 experience you have.

Do you volunteer with any other rescue groups?

Do you have other pets in your home? What types/breeds/ages/gender? Do you have children in your home? Ages?

Do you rent or own? Insurance?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Do you have a doggy door?

Please list a vet reference including phone and website.

Thank you!



Brodie is a NM 5yo bundle of cuddles! He is seriously the sweetest guy ever. He wants nothing but to be with him human.
When the vet calls and says “I’ve never seen this in 30 years of practice…”
Brodie is an interesting case. He was surrendered because he was having potty issues. Turns out, this boy has an open vertebra! His L7 has no top! It’s like walking along and coming to an open manhole, looking in, and seeing the spine. While the vet does not want to call it Spina Bifida, he also does not want to say it is not SB. What it comes down to, is Brodie needs to wear diapers.
When we first got Brodie, his back leg was completely atrophied and he refused to use the stairs. With lots of love, patience, and physical therapy, Brodie is flying up and down stairs and tearing across the yard. He still tucks the leg occasionally when he gets the zoomies, but it doesn’t impede his abilities.
Brodie has been neutered and is up to date on vaccines. His last full panel bloodwork all came back 100% normal.


Brodie did have 13 teeth removed! He will need his kibble meals softened over night but does not need canned food.
This little man is so passive. Even the grumpy dogs fall in love with him!
Brodie has tried out a couple different homes. Unfortunately, his diaper issues have kept him from finding his forever home. Every one who meets him immediately falls for him. He just wants his human to be happy and will do anything for you.
Please be aware of Brodie’s medical issue and really think about if you can handle it. He will be fine in a home with another dog or with children over 12. He has been around older, calm cats. It would be best if someone worked from home or, at the least, is able to stop by at lunch to change him. He is crate trained and has no problem sleeping in it. Of course, he would rather be with you and is a bit of a bed hog.
Is your home perfect for Brodie? Might he finally find the love he deserves? If you think so, please be sure you have an application on file and then email us why you think your home is perfect

Adoption donation $250



Hi! I’m Bruno! I’m 7 years and spent most of my life as a breeder. Now that I’m retired, I just want to all your love. And all the love of anyone else that walks by. My favorite pastime is following you around the house. If you’re cooking, I’ll be right next to you in case you want to pet me.

I’m not bothered by anything really. My foster mama had a cat and another frenchie. They are ok I guess. I do my own thing. My foster sister Luna likes to play sometimes and we have a good time for a few minutes. Then I go about my main goal of following you… or snooping. I’m really curious.

If you leave a door open, I want to know what’s inside! I really like to tear up paper, so my foster mama says it’s best if I don’t have access to things I’m not supposed to play with. I’m okay hanging out in my kennel while you’re away. As long as I get to go potty right before, I’ll just sleep.

I don’t bark much. Only to let you know when it’s time for me to go potty. If you don’t take me potty, don’t worry, I’ll find a spot in the house. Or if you leave me in the kennel and I want attention!

I’m really good on walks and am really excited to meet new people and new dogs. I’m not shy and will say hello to anyone! I like to give everyone kisses. I don’t really chase squirrels or rabbits, they just aren’t interesting to me.

I’m just looking for someone to love me and let me live out my retirement like a king. I’ll be your best buddy and will go anywhere with you, as long as it’s not too hot or too cold. Although I get along with everyone, I really like all of your attention. So being the only dog would be best. But I’m cool with one or two relaxed friends. I can’t wait to meet you!

Bruno is a healthy, neutered 7yo male. His adoption fee is $500. If you are interested in adopting Bruno, please be sure you have meet the adoption requirements and then email us at about why your home is perfect for Bruno.


What a beautiful, muscular girl!

Sweet little Love Bug is looking for her forever home. This little one is great with everyone – kids and dogs alike. She wants to cuddle and be held.

Look how tiny she is! She loves being pampered!

Bug is super tiny – only 15#! She is 3 and a half years old. She is up to date on vaccines and is healthy. Bug is rear-end paralyzed. She doesn’t let this stop her from living her best life ever. Just look at those muscles!

Napping in her tutu and cart

Because of the paralysis, she does get UTIs and will need to be on a cranberry supplement for life. She also needs her bladder expressed, which is very easy to do, three times a day. She does wear diapers. Her pain meds really help and are easy to give her.

Bug leaves her diapers on well

Bug does get a little anxious on car rides. She calms well with her calming collar on.

Bug will do well in a home with other dogs as well as children who are respectful. She is an amazing little girl who deserves the best home possible.

Bug in a bag lets her get around easily without getting sores

Bug is currently in Washington state. We will transport Bug to the right, loving home. Bug will be spayed and have her palate trimmed. She is up to date on vaccines and healthy! To apply for Bug, be sure your application is on file. Then send an email to telling us why your home is perfect for Bug.

Bug’s donation will be $250.


Calvin is located in Vancouver, WA. Please be aware transport may or may not be possible.


  • French Bulldog
  •  Vancouver, WA
  • Adult
  •  Male
  •  Medium
  •  Black , White / Cream


CHARACTERISTICS loving, playful, active, special needs

HEALTH Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs. IVDD (intervertebral disk disease), uses cart and wears diapers for incontinence.

GOOD IN A HOME WITH Other dogs, children.



Calvin is a 3 year old (12/27/14) male French Bulldog with IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease). He is dependent on his wheels for mobility and wears diapers for incontinence.

Calvin is great with dogs and kids! The other thing we have learned about Calvin is that he does not believe himself to have any limitations. He literally tried to carry his cart right up the deck stairs!

Lily’s Pad Rescue has teamed up with Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue on this one, so applications can be requested by either one of these groups by emailing or going to and completing the online application.

Please be sure to have an application on file and then send an email to telling us why you would be perfect for Calvin.

Calvin is neutered and UTD on vaccines



Update: Cooper has found his furever family!


Cooper is a very sweet five year old boy. He loves to be with his people. He gets along great with his foster brother. He is still having some accidents in the house, so his forever home must be willing to continue his training.
If you would like to apply for Cooper, please fill out the applications. His donation amount is $500.


Daisy has found her forever home!


Daisy is a 4 year old Frenchton. She may be a little shy at first, but she warms right up. She has not been around children or cats, but gets along great with her foster brother. Daisy’s adoption fee is $250. To apply for Daisy, fill out the adoption app under “Applications”.



Hi! My name is Dozer!

I am 2 and potty trained. I am 40# of love and muscle. I have a lot of energy and prefer to be with someone who can give me lots of attention and exercise. I love to be by my human and am very protective once I get to know them. My favorite thing is to cuddle, and I will cuddle for hours! I like to sleep with you at night but fair warning, my butt is always facing you. I do have some anxiety and have been working with a trainer who says I am VERY trainable and will be an excellent boy instead of just a good boy, as long as I continue to practice. I have my favorite chew toy to keep me busy when I need to redirect my anxiety.

I do very well with calm and submissive dogs. High energy and big dogs are not my favorite, but I have been working on that too. I like cats, my foster brother would say I like them a little too much. I chase my foster brother around, but the longer I am with him, the better I am with not chasing him. I really like the couch and I like rolling around making sure my Frenchie glitter is everywhere! I am a little weary of new people and I can be vocal.

I am pretty good with kids. I don’t mind them petting me and light tugs, I will walk away when I’ve had too much.

I could live in a home with older kids (12+) who respect my space and understand my anxiety. I would be happiest in a home with no other dogs or one calm dog. I would love if my new furever family worked from home, but I can hang by myself if you don’t. I can’t wait to meet you!

Dozer’s adoption donation will be $500. If you would like to apply for Dozer, be sure you have filled out either the adoption or foster application. You can find these on the website under “RMFBR Forms and Information”. Once you have filled that out, please email us telling us why your home is perfect for Dozer.



Dulce has arrived!

Dulce was surrendered this week. She’s a transplant gal from Cali. So far, she’s loving Denver.
Dulce is older and doesn’t like other dogs. She has found a foster home and is already adored and being treated to the best!

If you would like to sponsor Dulce, or any of our foster dogs, follow this link:



Finn, a neutered male 6yo, is a very affectionate dog, and loves to be close to people. He will nuzzle up as close as he can to you on the couch. He is always happy to see you when you get home, and is very loyal. He is playful and likes to chew on bones and other toys, although he can get a little possessive if another dog gets near him while he’s chewing on his bone. He currently lives in a foster home with a male black lab and a female pug, and he get’s along with both well. It took him some time to adjust to the lab, as Finn seems to be a little confrontational with bigger dogs, but he adores the pug. The perfect home for Finn would be a place where he can be the only dog, or have another smaller dog as a companion.


Finn does have some weakness in his back legs. We have not been able to find the cause of this. At this time, he does not need additional testing or treatment, but he may in the future. Because of that, Finn’s adoption fee will be $250.




My name is JoJo and I have been living with my foster family for 5 weeks. I have a frenchie sister, a Jack Russell sister and brother and kitty. I get along with them all. They have been here longer so I know my place in the hierarchy. I just like being with them. I especially love to play with my frenchie sister. We play off and on all day and take long naps in between. We all eat together and I have never been aggressive or protective of my food. I can sit very patiently when treats are being passed out and have learned “gentle” and how to high five. I love seeing my foster mom take my harness and leash off of the hook because it means I am either going for a walk or going to work with her. I am very good on my leash and I don’t pull. While at work, after exploring and saying “hello” to everyone, I usually sit in the chair with my mom and look out the window or sleep while she works on her computer. When I can’t go to work with her, I am okay staying with my foster brother and sisters but am SUPER excited when she gets home. I am house broken and can go all night without having an accident as long I am let out before going to bed. I understand when my foster mom tells me to go potty. I love sleeping with my human brother. Visitors are fun and I make sure to welcome everyone with my snorts. I am a lover, not a fighter…I am happiest when my foster mom and human foster brother are home and loving on me. I love to cuddle with my humans and play with my toys. Tummy rubs are the bomb and will lay on my back and look at you so you get the hint.


JoJo was surrendered because he is a bit more active than a home with an older woman could handle. She made a hard and loving decision to allow RMFBR to take care of this sweet, silly, and wild 4 yo neutered boy.

What a love monster!

JoJo is healthy and up to date on his vaccines. He is getting along great at his foster home with his new fur-sister.



Momo (Maddie) is a sweet girl that will cuddle you all day and night if you let her.  She has a sweet disposition and likes to be near those she is comfortable with.  Momo gets sad when her humans are not around her and will get some separation anxiety.  She needs toys or a good game of fetch to let out some of the built up energy.  Momo is not necessarily motivated by food and prefers to be given verbal and physical praise.  When Momo is excited (early in the mornings or if she hasn’t seen you in a while), she gets very excited and needs to go on a long walk to calm down. She loves being outside!    Otherwise, Momo is a sleepy dog and likes to take lots of naps and rest in cozy places.  Sometimes, Momo gets aggressive with other dogs, but this is not with every dog.  She would be most comfortable in a home where she is the only dog. Momo is getting used to being around kids and is starting to do better with more exposure.   She sometimes gets anxious or scared of people she does not know, but if she is in a comfortable environment, she does great!  Momo is just looking for someone to give her lots of lovings and is happy to give all of that love right back. Momo is approximately 3 years old and is spayed. Her donation fee will be $500.


Meet Annie!


Annie is one of the sweetest 9 year old girls I have had the chance to care for.

She loves her daily routine – get up, walk and then her favorite- EAT!! She isn’t really a picky eater – just happy to be fed. She will need to remain on a low-ingredient food as she has had some skin issues. She was on antibiotics and seems to be better, even though she still has some scabs.

She loves walks as well.


It took her about 2 weeks to get comfortable with me enough to start giving me kisses, but now she smothers me with kisses daily and follows me everywhere. 

She loves car rides, loves to hang out with her foster sister Molly and play.  She gets along with the roommate’s cat, but I think she got scratched at one point so she just leaves her alone now.

She hasn’t gotten the hang of fetch and retrieve yet, so I assume she didn’t have that growing up, but she loves to befriend other dogs and hang out by the pool and socialize.

She doesn’t like loud noises but what dog does? She has great manners, hasn’t had many accidents in the house and is in general just a sweet lover.   She is just happy to be with me whatever that means we are doing!

And of course, she loves to sleep! Sleeps on the bed every night and the couch during the day.

Oh, and of course when I am gone and come home she is right by the door wagging her tail at me and so happy to see me.  Definitely not high maintenance just goes with the flow.

I can’t say enough about this sweet Annie.


What a love bug Molly is!

Molly is about 6 years old. Her vet visit went great! She received all her vaccinations. Her heart worm test was negative and her bloodwork is all perfect.

Molly loves her family. She snuggles and cuddles. She loves to sleep in the bed even if she hogs it a little bit.

Molly does very well with her very passive foster brother. If you have another dog, we are asking for a very passive neutered male who will basically ignore her unless it is play time. Molly would rather be with her humans than a doggy sibling so its best if they ignore each other and he is not an “in your face” type of dog.

Molly does have a tail pocket so her parents will need to clean it if it gets icky. This is very easy to do and pretty standard for our squishy faces.

If you think you are perfect for Molly, please be sure you have an application on file and then write us an email telling us why you are her home.

There will be a 2 week trial period of her living with you before the adoption is finalized.

Molly’s adoption fee will be $250.


Opal came to me from her before home, where she had “small person” syndrome. Meaning she would pick on dogs bigger than her! She has a lot of bark, but no bite. Which makes her a great protector and a fun addition to the family. She is the sweetest and most relaxed french bulldog that I had the pleasure of fostering. She took a week to get adjusted to me, but after that, she welcomes you home with a big smile, and greeting at the door. Opal loves to chase bunnies, and birds around the neighborhood when we go out on walks, so make sure she’s on a leash, before she goes out! She’s not found of big dogs, and has issues seeing or being around them. Opal is a great dog that will cuddle up to you on the couch, and play catch for short periods of time, she likes her walks at night and in the morning, where its cool and peaceful. Opal needs a one dog home, where she can be the center of attention, and the Queen of her domain!


Opal needs a home with no other dogs. No exceptions.


Opal’s donation fee will be $250.


Be sure to fill out both the foster app and the adoption app if you are interested in Opal.


From her foster status: Sweet little Opal is settling into her foster home! She’s a little shy but foster mom has all the patience in the world. Opal’s surrendering owner had rescued her from craigslist and loved her dearly. Unfortunately, Opal has that little ‘tude with other dogs some Frenchies have and kept attacking the resident mastiff. Her owner tried everything and finally made the heartbreaking decision to call us.
Opal will get all the time she needs. Once she is ready for adoption, she will be posted. She is healthy at 6 1/2yo. The shaved spots on her are from her fights with the bigger dog. They are all healed well and her hair is starting to grow back. Welcome, Opal! We will be sure you are the only queen in the house.



Hi, everyone!

My Name is Phoebe. My foster dad Calls me “Biebs”.

Phoebe 1

I want to fill you all in on my story, a bit. See I was picked up as a stray, and apparently taken to a shelter in Sandy, Utah where after 10 days no one came for me. Not a single person. I sat there cold, scared, and alone until this handsome, big man picked me up, and next thing I know we are in his car on the way to my new home. Now, at this new Home… man let me tell you what an adventure this was, he set me down and first creature I came across was this big fluffy white thing. She kind of looked like a dog and my foster mom called “Thor’s Kitty”. So I’m guessing she’s a cat, who thinks she’s a dog but she’s definitely a CAT! However, Bowie is cool, she’s part of the pack. I pay her no attention, and we live together in harmony. Sometimes she comes over to lick me, it’s quite enjoyable! Now, I have 4 other new family members, 2 foster brothers (whom are real weenies), no joke! And 2 Frenchie siblings. Thor is my foster brother. We hit it off instantly, and played until he tried to bully a bone away from me then we got mad at each other and Mama told us that we looked like 2 Hippos making out aggressively. Whatever that means. My Foster sister Is Kybelle. At first, she acted like a diva but now we totally try to get the killer hose together. We make a great team. I am a sweet girl, I get along with dogs with proper introduction, and my mom has not seen me be naughty unless provoked by my foster siblings.

We are fed separately 2x a day and I have been a picky eater but I am doing well on good quality dog food. Other than that, I think we are a great little family! I definitely didn’t get much exercise at my last home, and the vet guessed me to be a very healthy 6 year old. I Passed all my exams with flying colors! I am, however, a little tubby. We Frenchies have fragile backs, and this extra love I’m carrying around may look cute, but it definitely isn’t good for me. Foster mama has me on high quality food, monitored carefully and we get as much exercise as we can (when it’s not hot out).

She encourages playing, and THE HOSE!! THE HOSE IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD YA’LL! I can chase, and chase it for hours, however, I do need smaller play sessions. But the second that hose comes out, man I just light up! My foster mom thinks I would be good around older, very respectful kids. I need space, love, and respect just as much as anyone. I am crate trained, sure I fuss a little at times, but I do just fine in the crate. In my foster home I often sleep in my crate, but I know I would be the perfect bed buddy also.

Did I mention I love bones? Antlers and Raw femur bones, and tough Nylabones are my favorite things. I will just go lay in my spot and chew for hours on end! I also am very good during bath time, and I walk great on leash. Did I mention I love to give kisses? Wet sloppy ones!

Thanks to RMFBR I am up to date on all shots, and am now Microchipped. I don’t think I could ever handle another shelter visit or someone giving up on me. My foster dad left me at the vet the other day for all my labs and exams, and It was scary! Boy I screamed so loud, everyone laughed and it was all for nothin! He came back! My foster mom promised me that as long as I am alive, she would make sure that I go to the best forever home that will love me Unconditionally. She says it won’t be goodbye, but there are others that need her help. So, will you be my new forever family? Foster mama claims my forever family will love me even more than I can Imagine. Do you have the room in your heart for a gal like me?

Phoebe 2

Phoebe’s donation fee is $500. To apply for Phoebe, be sure you have an application on file (see application tab) then send us an email of about 250 words stating why your home is perfect for Phoebe. Use her name as the subject and send it to



Meet Poppy! This sweet little retired breeder came into our rescue tonight. She follows me everywhere and loves to give kisses.She appears good with children and other dogs. She is not yet potty trained and is currently in heat. Once her cycle ends, she will be spayed.


Porkchop is a sweet 5 year old boy. He’s as beautiful as his personality. He is a paraplegic. On August 6th, 2013, he ruptured his L1 vertebrae due to IVDD. He has been in a cart since. However, this sweet boy has no problem getting around. He loves to keep up with the rest of them. He unfortunately has no bladder or bowel control. You can use diapers or pads to help with this. As a result he is prone to UTIs and is currently on antibiotics recovering from one. He will need his bladder expressed every 4-6 hrs. He howls when he makes a mess to let you know he needs his area cleaned. He is very happy and loves to be around people. He enjoys going outside to get fresh air and to play. He seems to be putting on weight and is getting stronger. He is the sweetest little boy. He has a great temperament and is great with kids and dogs. He’s a love bug.

Porkchop’s donation will be $250. If you are the perfect home for Porkchop, be sure you have an application in with us and then send a detailed email explaining how your home is Porkchop’s forever home to




I am Punum and this is my best friend Chewy.


Our parents had a sudden move and sadly couldn’t take us. We’re searching for a forever home together. I am really nervous about finding a new home as this is all new to me and Chewy, but here we go.


I am a 3 year old French Bulldog. I love people and kids of all ages. However I love people so much I cannot share my family with another animal but Chewy. I am potty trained and pad trained. I love to play, walk easy on a leash but I also love to stay in and cuddle. I am trying to shed some extra pounds to get my quality of life in order so my walks will be short for now. I will need some time to get my sexy back.


When I’m not working out I like to cuddle up in my favorite bed that I would love to bring along with me to my new home. I also like to free roam but also love the security of my crate. In a nut shell, I have a big personality and a big heart. I hope I get to show you how amazing I am.

BUT before I go, let me tell you about my best friend.


Chewy is a 10 year old Chihuahua. He is outdoor and pad trained. He is very healthy and energetic for 10. He love to play and is a great cuddler as well. Chewy has this goldfish bed that he loves so much!! It’s super cool! Chewy likes to share my crate with me whenever I’m in it. Chewy and I have been best friends for 3 years. I really hope we can stay together.

Can I ask you a question now? Do you have room in your home for me and my best friend Chewy? We don’t take up a lot of space and have lots and lots of love to share with an amazing family.

$250 donation fee.

Please send an email to letting us know why you have the perfect home for this bonded pair.



Rue (5 1/2yo SF)  is a very sweet girl with lots of energy and love to give. She really enjoys going for walks about 3-4 times a day. We are working on her manners, she is strong and she pulls and barks when cars go by. She does not like cars at all (she hates windshield wipers)  she does not do well riding in the car and she wants to chase cars that drive by when walking. Rue does not need to be crated, she is housebroken and I have had no problems with leaving her free to roam during the days. She likes to sleep in the bed at night, but doesn’t hog it or snore which is nice!


She does not like to share her things or her space too much. I have introduced her to  other dogs both inside and out. She seems to do better outside, but can still be somewhat aggressive if she is approached too quickly by another dog. She would do best as an only pet. She has not met any cats, but she likes to chase squirrels and bunnies so I don’t know how well she’d do with cats. She has met a few kids on our walks and has been gentle with them. My favorite thing about Rue is her giant smile and her sweet personality. She is always very happy to see me when I get home. She always wants to be pet and loved, yet she does have a bit of an independent side too.


She is very vocal and has no problem telling you when she wants something. It seems as though she has some anxiety about loud noises and traffic so I think she’d do best in a quiet home with a backyard. She also gets anxiety about being left home. I usually give her a few treats before I leave and that seems to help. Rue is a very energetic lady and she will no doubt make someone a wonderful companion! She is completely healthy, has been vetted, and is up to date on her vaccines.

Rue’s adoption fee will be $500. Please be sure to have an application on file and then send an email to telling us why you are the perfect forever home for Rue.




Shayna is a super girl! She is so strong and she doesn’t want to slow down any.
She will do well with a single story home without steps if possible. Shayna is a spayed female about 6yo.


She lets you know when she needs to go out- and you need to react quickly. Shayna does well with another dog that is somewhat passive, but would like a little playful interaction.
She does wear girl pants, and should continue to wear them as a precaution to avoid accidents. She can get around without her wheels as long as she has her socks on because she will drag her feet behind her and this prevents any sores. I also wrap them with breathable paper medical tape under the socks while she’s inside. Going out for walks is very important and she needs that every day if possible.


Crating is not really necessary. She sleeps in her dog bed next to my bed and is very content.
She has been a joy to have! I love her very much.

Shayna’s donation will be $250. If you are the perfect home for Shayna, please be sure we have your application on file. Then send us an email explaining why you are her forever home


Stormy has had a rough life and is looking for her forever home now.


Stormy was originally a rescue from the streets of Atlanta about 2 years ago. Her ears were so badly infected that in order to save her life, the shelter had to remove both her inner and outer ears. The family that saved her in Atlanta named her Stormy as she looks like a Storm Trooper!

Stormy’s family loved her so much but changing circumstances in their personal life caused them to call RMFBR to help out with Stormy. Stormy can be a bit cranky with other dogs so we are asking that there are no other pets and no children under 10. Stormy is a HUGE cuddle bug and adores her humans. She occasionally responds to hand signals and vibrations. With more training, she will be able to respond better and she loves to make her family happy. She is a bit of an escape artist and should not be left alone outside. She is potty-trained, crate-trained, and leash-trained.


It is estimated that Stormy is about 6 years old. She is spayed and is up to date on vaccines. Stormy may need additional vet attention for her eyes. RMFBR will cover the optometrist.

Stormy’s donation fee will be $250 after a two week trial period.



Taz is an amazing little guy.He is a little tank and does all the good things a Frenchie would: snorts, fart propels, blow hole sneezes, walks funny, runs like a rabbit or a tank (in that case the latter), asks for more attention, cuddles on the sofa, sleeps and pretty much cares less to listen to commands and would rather just own you with all the cuteness in the world.Taz is perfect. He is sweet and strong. He does not really want to walk much (maybe because it is too cold now) and certainly does not want to hike or go to the park. Taz wants his own backyard and his own human person. He will not share, little selfish ain’t it?Well who cares, Taz has not been given the best cards and is about 7-9 years old now. So what Taz needs is a human that loves and understands the breed, no young kids preferably and no other animals at all.


I took Taz to training with Ready Sit Go and it was not a success. The conclusion is that it stresses him out and it is best to find him a safe place where he is the only dog and can receive all the attention. He is still on alert and I understand. He was used and abused, bred, and dumped.I wanted to keep Taz but he won’t warm up to my girl Bambi. On their first meeting, he bit her back paw and would hardly let go. Bambi was not hurt but since then, even with trying gently to acquaint them, he still wants a piece of her.Why force him if we can find a better home?I am now determined to find an amazing companion for this amazing soul.Taz has had a complete dental. This was done in two parts because he had to have so many teeth removed. He is fully vetted, healthy, and up to date on his vaccines.


– Taz enjoys bath time. He stays still and let’s you lather him and massage him.– Taz is learning to sit and stay before meals not to train him but rather teach him a little patience. Of course it never lasts but it proves his gentleness and willingness to listen.Let’s not forget he is a bully and that will always be on his terms anyway. And that is why we love them.– Taz burps after dinner– Taz farts while he runs and it sounds like he is going to take off (quote cute of you ask me)– Taz loves to get his eye tears and stain wiped with love– Taz will follow you around in case you drop food unless he thinks there is something going on and starts searching what’s up– Taz is not picky with food but make no mistake he does prefer real chicken– Taz is easy going– Taz is sweet and loving-Taz’s donation fee will be $250**SPECIAL NOTE- Taz will not be adopted to a home with other animals nor children under 12 due to his reactive anxiety**If you are interested in Taz, be sure you have an application in and then email and tell us why you are his perfect forever home.




Hi Everyone! My name is Tony, but I answer to T-bone, T, Little T, and when circumstances dictate, Anthony. I have been passed around a bit due to my extreme dislike of being alone.  I get very anxious, nervous, and downright scared. Right now I have a foster family who stuck with me through thick and thin and has gotten me on the right track and into a really good groove.  I have been taking medicine to help my anxiety (it’s not expensive and it really helps) and my foster dad works at home while my foster mom is in and out frequently during the day, so I’m rarely alone, and that suits me just fine. It works out so well that I really need to have a very similar setup in my forever home.


I get along with other dogs but never learned how to play properly (with humans or other dogs), and at this point I’m pretty set in my ways. I would do well with a calm canine sibling (no feline siblings please) but please don’t adopt me expecting me to be a playmate. I must also have a fenced yard since only completely uncivilized dogs go potty on a leash. I refuse. I love love love to go for walks, but I do not care to stop and smell the roses (or bushes or poles) along the way. I have learned to “wait” for my foster brother who loves to smell all of those things.


Over the last 8 weeks I’ve learned to sleep (and snore!) in a wire crate at night, and I tolerate it as needed during the day when my humans have to go out. I eat well but it’s not easy for me to put on weight, so despite my devastatingly handsome broad chest, my back end is very slender. I’ve grown to love and appreciate a frozen peanut butter filled Kong and frozen bananas as treats as well.


Due to my part time job as the “fun police” and my never having learned proper play, I cannot go to a home with children under 12. If you have older children (or no children), a calm canine or no canine, and promise to be as loyal to me as I will be to you, please consider adopting sweet little me. I’ll even let you brush my teeth and keep my wonky ear clean.




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