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Chill Pill is perfect for dogs feeling some anxiety. Along with 5mg of CBD (no THC) per treat, Chill Pill also has calming lavender.

Our CBD treats are small-batch baked. Each treat is 100% organic and 100% Gluten Free. As much as possible, our ingredients are local as well.

Each treat is dosed at 5mg of CBD. This is the perfect dose for a dog 25#-35#. If your dog is smaller, we suggest breaking it in half to try the dosage. A larger dog will need more. We suggest Feelin’ Groovy in the morning and Chill Pill at night.

Each hand-packed bag contains 25 treats for $25 which includes shipping. If you would like local pick-up, please email us immediately ( after payment. Shipping charges will be refunded at pick-up.

And the best thing? Each and every treat goes to support French Bulldog rescue.

Ingredients: Local (when possible),

Always Organic and Always Gluten Free:

CBD isolate

Outrageous GF Baking Mix

Peanut Butter (Justin’s when possible or organic sugar-free)

Eldorado Spring Water

Baking Soda/Free-range Eggs/Shortening

Chill Pill: dōTERRA Lavender Oil


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