Finn has found a home!

Finn’s waddle12347883_10205705838305482_6535118576877847216_n

Finn, a neutered male 6yo, is a very affectionate dog, and loves to be close to people. He will nuzzle up as close as he can to you on the couch. He is always happy to see you when you get home, and is very loyal. He is playful and likes to chew on bones and other toys, although he can get a little possessive if another dog gets near him while he’s chewing on his bone. He currently lives in a foster home with a male black lab and a female pug, and he get’s along with both well. It took him some time to adjust to the lab, as Finn seems to be a little confrontational with bigger dogs, but he adores the pug. The perfect home for Finn would be a place where he can be the only dog, or have another smaller dog as a companion.



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Annie has found her forever home!

Meet Annie!


Annie is one of the sweetest 9 year old girls I have had the chance to care for.

She loves her daily routine – get up, walk and then her favorite- EAT!! She isn’t really a picky eater – just happy to be fed. She will need to remain on a low-ingredient food as she has had some skin issues. She was on antibiotics and seems to be better, even though she still has some scabs.

She loves walks as well.

It took her about 2 weeks to get comfortable with me enough to start giving me kisses, but now she smothers me with kisses daily and follows me everywhere. image2

She loves car rides, loves to hang out with her foster sister Molly and play.  She gets along with the roommate’s cat, but I think she got scratched at one point so she just leaves her alone now.

She hasn’t gotten the hang of fetch and retrieve yet, so I assume she didn’t have that growing up, but she loves to befriend other dogs and hang out by the pool and socialize.

She doesn’t like loud noises but what dog does? She has great manners, hasn’t had many accidents in the house and is in general just a sweet lover.   She is just happy to be with me whatever that means we are doing!

And of course, she loves to sleep! Sleeps on the bed every night and the couch during the day.

Oh, and of course when I am gone and come home she is right by the door wagging her tail at me and so happy to see me.  Definitely not high maintenance just goes with the flow.

I can’t say enough about this sweet Annie.

Annie’s adoption donation will be $250.


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This is one of our Craigslist saves (she was rescued from Manhattan, KS about 5 weeks ago). She started bleeding and we assumed she was in heat, but after 5 weeks she is bleeding more heavily. She is going into emergency surgery. She either has pyometra or cancer. Vet won’t know until he gets in there.