Captain has made it to the available page!

Captain is now a completely healthy boy who will be 5 years old in September. He was kept outside for most of his previous life. We believe he was used as a breeder. He was neutered and had 25 teeth removed as soon as he came into rescue*. He still has the occasional accident in the house. He also tends to destroy things when he is not monitored. He has perfected the French Death Yodel, but has been doing better keeping it in check. He still has some separation anxiety, but he is slowly getting better.

Captain is a pretty typical male Frenchie that we all fall in love with. He loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere. He plays with his foster sister well. He has been introduced to other dogs, cats, and kids. Aside from him just walking into them (he doesn’t seem to realize he is a stout boy!) he is great with everyone. He is a jumper – on furniture, over fences, on people – so his adoptive family will need to watch this because of potential French bulldog back issues (remember – Frenchies should never be allowed to jump).  He is a huge clown that loves attention – especially if it means a long nap on the couch! He won’t chase a ball, but enjoys plush toys. He is a huge cuddle bug with a huge heart to match the size of those ears.

Do you have the perfect home for Captain? If you do, please fill out the foster app and the adoption app. Both are located here:

Captain’s donation fee will be $500.

*The rescue is still recovering from this emergency surgery as well as that of Poppy. If you would like to help us so we can catch up, please donate via PayPal to We are a 501(c) registered non-profit so all donations are tax-deductible.


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