Dash Needs a Foster!


Dash is a very special boy and he will need a very special home. Please fully read this bio and fully be aware of his needs.

Dash is an absolute sweetheart – in his home and with his family there. Dash has severe anxiety. We have started him on Prozac but it will take a few weeks for the effects to start working. Dash absolutely freaks out when he is alone. He is an escape artist and can get out of his re-inforced cage. RMFBR will also be covering a behaviorist/trainer to work with his foster family and him. Dash also freaks out if there is too much foot traffic or noise. He needs a quiet environment. He has been passed around multiple homes before landing at RMFBR.

Dash also needs nares and palate surgery as well as a dental. RMFBR will be covering this and we are working with Alameda East to get this done as soon as possible. He panics and then can’t breath and then panics more. He is truly  heartbreaking case.

Dash needs a home with someone home the majority of the time. His family will need to go slowly and with a lot of patience for him. He needs a home with a yard so that he can adjust and become comfortable rather than be walked with the stimulation that comes with walks. For the first few weeks, we are asking that Dash stay only in his home – no walks, no visits to friends, etc. He needs it calm in order for his anxiety to decrease and the Prozac to start working. We are asking for no children and no other pets in the home.

Dash is absolutely worth the work he needs. He has been passed around multiple homes before landing at RMFBR. He needs serious help. Can you help him? Will you help give Dash the life he deserves?

Please be sure to have your application on file and send us an email if you are able to help Dash.