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Please note: Foster dogs are NOT available. Emails directed for adoption of a foster dog will NOT be considered.

To see more info about each individual dog, please go to the drop down menu under “Foster Dogs” and look at their personal page.

To help the dogs: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

For more information on fostering and adopting: Foster or Adopt


Charles was found on a trail and picked up by DAS. They have done their stray hold and he’s been posted everywhere and no one claimed him so they called us for help.
Charles is paralyzed and has a very large wound on his neck so we do feel he was dumped. Shelter staff said he is so unbelievably sweet and gentle and absolutely deserves the chance to thrive.


Lola was lovingly surrendered today. She’s having severe skin issues and her family has tried everything. Wanting the best for Lola, they contacted us and we will be getting her better. She will be seeing our team at Vista Vet immediately and we will go from there.
If you can help get this girl feeling better, or Venmo @rmfbr-rescue will go directly to her testing and medical needs.


Welcome to rescue, Rocket!
Rocket’s surrendering owner is really struggling with the current economic situation and Rocket needs surgery for either a prolapsed rectum or an infected anal gland. He made the heart breaking decision to surrender Rocket so we can get him the care he needs.
It’s such a difficult time for so many. We are grateful for you, our donors and followers, who help us help dogs and families who are struggling.
Rocket will be seeing our vet tomorrow and we will get him feeling better.
You can always help dogs like Rocket by donating to their care.
Venmo @rmfbr-rescue


Welcome to RMFBR, Winston!
Winston was lovingly surrendered today. His owners have tried absolutely everything for Winston to be happy but it wasn’t happening and Winston remained high anxiety. They loved him so much, they came to us for help. Winston may be just too high-strung for his previous full house. Some times, they just are. We have placed him in a single person home with no other pets. Our trainer will evaluate him soon and he will continue his Prozac for now. We are hoping Winston learns to relax and enjoy life!


Pearl is a 7yo SF who was the baby before her surrendering owner had babies and she is acting out. They were not able to give her the attention she needs and her anxiety became too great.


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Wrigley’s story: We have been contacted by a breeder to surrender his boys. They will need complete and total vet care and behavioral rehab. These medical needs are estimated at $1000/dog. We will be taking four of them and working with other rescues for the remaining boys to get the help they need. Can you save them? We are picking up Friday morning. They need love and help. The oldest is only 4. They deserve a healthy, happy life. Will you help them live that life?

Wrigley was surrendered to Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue from a breeder. He’s had ear infections his entire life. These can no longer be managed medically. His ear drums are calcified and now require removal by specialist. He is in immense pain and removing them will stop that. He is 4yo and deserves a pain free life. Will you help him have that?

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