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Please note: Foster dogs are NOT available. Emails directed for adoption of a foster dog will NOT be considered.

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To help the dogs: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

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Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Annie was a breeder surrender. She is a tiny little 4yo. Annie came to us with heartworm. After 6 long months of treatment, she is finally cleared! Just as we were getting ready to schedule her spay and dental, she went into heat! She will be spayed soon.


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Boots is a breeder surrender. One of our followers found these girls and adopted them from the breeder. However, upon vet visits, she realized their medical needs were beyond her ability and called us.

Boots saw the vet yesterday: Her leg is backwards. Her hip is so bad that over time it has turned her knee around. She will need to see a specialist. Current thought is the hip socket may need to be removed in order for her leg to have physical therapy to bring that knee back to the front.


 Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Dotty is a breeder surrender. One of our followers found these girls and adopted them from the breeder. However, upon vet visits, she realized their medical needs were beyond her ability and called us.

We know Dotty is having some “female” issues – she is very swollen and appears to be in perpetual heat. She also seems to have some mastitis in her nipples. She see Vista Vet on Friday and we will start getting her medical needs resolved.


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Elsa was a breeder surrender. She came in with the other three girls. One of our followers found them on a page and wanted to help them. Once she got them home, she realized they need some pretty serious vetting that was beyond her ability and asked us to step in. Elsa appears to be about 5yo. She is currently in heat so cannot be spayed. She does have a large tumor in her mouth. Elsa will be seeing Vista on Friday to figure out what that is and get her bloodwork done.


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Gus is lovingly being surrendered by his family in Oregon. Gus is a bit of a special case as he was tentatively diagnosed with IVDD but no tests were run for the diagnosis. While he is still in Oregon, we are working to get his testing done. He went in this week for a consult visit and will be having more advanced testing done soon.


*Isabella is not available as she is in her forever foster home*

She may look like a tough old girl, but Bella (Isabella), who is 11 years old, is actually a champion snuggler. She is spayed, healthy, and up to date on all her medical needs and vaccines. She has no medical issues.

Her favorite things are to nap all day, take short walks, and enjoy the summer sun. She really is gentle and sweet around everyone. Well, except other dogs and cats out on a walk or in the home. She’s not so good with other furry friends. She is that rare sort of pooch whom a child can climb all over and hug, but when it comes to her toys it best that kids don’t tease. She really loves a good round of fetch.

She seeks attention with gentle nudging of hands and wants nothing more but to give you her undivided attention. She is house trained, and can be left uncrated as she just naps while you are gone. She prefers company when going out in the cold or rain to do her business(you can get matching rain jackets). She would do best with a home that has no stairs and can only go to a home with no other dogs or older (8+), respectful children. She is smart and youthful with puppy dog eyes you would die for. She fits many of the attributes of what is looked for in a therapy dog with the minor exception of being able to ignore other dogs.


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Jehuty was a transfer into us from a humane society due to aggression. However, we see no aggression in this cuddly little man! He just doesn’t really care for other dogs and hated the shelter environment! Jehuty is being tested for other behaviors but at this time, he is a happy and healthy 4yo neutered boy!


Kevin was a breeder surrender at 8 weeks old due to Spina Bifida. He is completely mobile but does wear a diaper. Kevin will need special care and many vet appointments to determine his needs. He will also need his full set of vaccines and neutering.

To help Kevin: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Leo is such an amazing funny little man. He really does capture the clown personality of the breed! He was surrendered by his loving owner in Idaho. This little guy thinks it is his absolute job on Earth to protect the woman in his life! Sadly, this means he is incredibly aggressive to anyone around her. Leo is currently placed in a home with just a man and is thriving. He doesn’t think he needs to be “on guard” at all times. We will continue to monitor Leo and his behavior until he is available for adoption.


Mia is a 6 month old female who was owner surrendered due to rectal prolapse. She had severe diarrhea for a long time and kept prolapsing. Her loving family could no longer afford the vet and surgical bills to keep her healthy. After extensive testing, we found she has an overgrowth of viral agents in her gut. We have her on special food and medicine and her diarrhea is clearing up. With this firming, she will not prolapse. We hope that when her meds are finished in late March, she will be a healthy puppy.

To donate to Mia’s care:

Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Nash (Norman) was a breeder surrender with Pugsley and Wrigley. He has just had his neuter and will be adoptable soon.


Tilly was a breeder surrender. She is estimated at 5yo. She will be seeing Vista Vet in Erie on Friday. We will know more about her needs at that time.

To Help Tilly: Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe


Paypal Venmo @rmfbr-rescue Medical Needs Monthly Donations GoFundMe

Wrigley’s story: We have been contacted by a breeder to surrender his boys. They will need complete and total vet care and behavioral rehab. These medical needs are estimated at $1000/dog. We will be taking four of them and working with other rescues for the remaining boys to get the help they need. Can you save them? We are picking up Friday morning. They need love and help. The oldest is only 4. They deserve a healthy, happy life. Will you help them live that life?

Wrigley was surrendered to Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue from a breeder. He’s had ear infections his entire life. These can no longer be managed medically. His ear drums are calcified and now require removal by specialist. He is in immense pain and removing them will stop that. He is 4yo and deserves a pain free life. Will you help him have that?

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