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Message from the Founder: Hiatus
When I adopted a tiny paralyzed French bulldog named Dora back in March 2014, I had no idea the movement she would start. I was a severe needs Special Ed teacher and my heart was helping those who needed it the most. Dora connected me to the French bulldog world. I had been a vet tech for six years before I was a teacher and I found myself able and willing to help other Frenchies in need. Soon, I was receiving calls in regards to Frenchies being given up because of their disabilities. I organized and began Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue.
In less than five years, the rescue has grown exponentially. My family helped and I began to get more volunteers. Today, we have over 11,300 followers on Facebook. With all our social media, email lists, volunteers, etc. we have over 15,000 people who follow us. We have rescued and adopted out over 300 dogs. Because rescues know my heart is disabilities, RMFBR has had some of the most medically needy dogs transferred in from other rescues around the country – from some of the very biggest French bulldog rescues. We are now being contacted by mill owners to take on their retired breeders. RMFBR has never sought out dogs, we have never been to an auction, we don’t pay for the dogs. They find us in their time of need. And we have never said no.
We had to say no this week. I cried as I did.
We received an owner surrender that desperately needed severe help. He was half the weight he should have been. He was showing obvious neurological deficits. But our bank account was empty. Our credit was maxed. I got the dog to the ER and called another rescue for help. Their team is working to save him.
I decided we need to get back on track. That was two days ago. We have turned down an additional two dogs – one with IVDD and one with dog aggression. Crying, I gave them the numbers to other rescues. Other rescues are being stretched thin as well now. Other rescues have already declined the IVDD dog.
But we cannot help him.
There is no money.
Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue must take a hiatus from incoming dogs. We need to re-organize. We grew so big and so fast, we were not prepared. Denver area and the popularity of French bulldogs grew so big so fast, we were not prepared.
We will be taking one month off from intakes. Please continue reading this newsletter to find out what we will be working on during that time.
It comes down to money. That hurts to write and if we were rich, it wouldn’t matter. But we are not.
RMFBR will be and has been writing multiple grants. Our budget is easing closer and closer to $125k/year – double from last year. Last month, we received $3200 in donations. That is almost $90,000 short to save the dogs who need saving.
By September 1st, we need $25,000 plus donations pledged of $10,000 per month. This is actually easy with your help. That’s 400 people signing up to donate $25 per month. Or 1,000 people at $10. Or even 2,000 people at $5. The trick is getting the word out. With over 15,000 people knowing and loving RMFBR, it should be easy to find 13% willing to donate $5 a month.
If we do not figure this out by September 1st, we will need to close the doors. We are not doing anyone any good by not being able to afford medical care. Can you – will you – help us keep saving lives?
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Special auction:
Saving French Bulldogs One Auction at a Time Facebook page will be setting up a special auction for RMFBR. It will start around August 16. Please RSVP to the event Saving RMFBR Auction in order to receive further information as the event is scheduled.

All items in the boutique are on clearance sale. For the month of August, there will be free shipping. This is an amazing way to help RMFBR and also get some great items. The quilts are amazing and made to order in the colors YOU want!

Amazon Smile:
Don’t forget to sign up for RMFBR through Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate to us every month! EIN 47-2430608

Did you know you can also help us through eBay? Again, find us with our EIN 47-2430608 or by Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue. (This will be set up by August 5.)

Employer Matching:
So many employers are matching donations! Ask yours how. You will need EIN 47-2430608.

CBD Treats Product Launch!

Amazing Product Launch!


Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue now offers CBD treats! 

Organic100% Organic.

Gluten Free100% Gluten Free.

5mg treats dosed perfectly for French bulldogs (or any dog 25#-35#) and can be adjusted for your specific size dog.

*Each package contains 25 treats for $20. That’s 125mg of PURE CBD!

($5 per package will be charged at checkout for shipping. If you would like local pick-up, please email us immediately ( after payment. Shipping charges will be refunded at pickup.)

And best of all – each treat helps save a life! All sales go to helping rescue French Bulldogs.

Chill PillChill Pill is perfect for dogs feeling some anxiety. Along with 5mg of CBD (no THC) per treat, Chill Pill also has calming lavender.

Order Chill Pill CBD Treats Here thumbnail-3



Feelin Groovy




Feelin’ Groovy is perfect for dogs’ general well-being. Along with 5mg of CBD (no THC) per treat, Chill Pill also has turmeric known for cancer-prevention and anti-inflammatory properties.

thumbnail-2                                                Order Feelin’ Groovy CBD Treats Here



Our CBD treats are small-batch baked. Each treat is 100% organic and 100% Gluten Free. As much as possible, our ingredients are local as well.

Each treat is dosed at 5mg of CBD. This is the perfect dose for a dog 25#-35#. If your dog is smaller, we suggest breaking it in half to try the dosage. A larger dog will need more. We suggest Feelin’ Groovy in the morning and Chill Pill at night.

*Each hand-packed bag contains 25 treats for $25 which includes shipping. We can also arrange local (Boulder area) pick-up after payment is received and the $5 shipping cost will be refunded to you.

And the best thing? Each and every treat goes to support French Bulldog rescue.


Ingredients: Local (when possible),

Always Organic and Always Gluten Free:

CBD isolate

Outrageous GF Baking Mix

Peanut Butter (Justin’s when possible or organic sugar-free)

Eldorado Spring Water

Baking Soda/Free-range Eggs/Shortening

Chill Pill: dōTERRA Lavender Oil

Feelin’ Groovy: Turmeric\

Punum and Chewy have found their home!



I am Punum and this is my best friend Chewy.



Our parents had a sudden move and sadly couldn’t take us. We’re searching for a forever home together. I am really nervous about finding a new home as this is all new to me and Chewy, but here we go.


I am a 3 year old French Bulldog. I love people and kids of all ages. However I love people so much I cannot share my family with another animal but Chewy. I am potty trained and pad trained. I love to play, walk easy on a leash but I also love to stay in and cuddle. I am trying to shed some extra pounds to get my quality of life in order so my walks will be short for now. I will need some time to get my sexy back.


When I’m not working out I like to cuddle up in my favorite bed that I would love to bring along with me to my new home. I also like to free roam but also love the security of my crate. In a nut shell, I have a big personality and a big heart. I hope I get to show you how amazing I am.

BUT before I go, let me tell you about my best friend.


Chewy is a 10 year old Chihuahua. He is outdoor and pad trained. He is very healthy and energetic for 10. He love to play and is a great cuddler as well. Chewy has this goldfish bed that he loves so much!! It’s super cool! Chewy likes to share my crate with me whenever I’m in it. Chewy and I have been best friends for 3 years. I really hope we can stay together.

Can I ask you a question now? Do you have room in your home for me and my best friend Chewy? We don’t take up a lot of space and have lots and lots of love to share with an amazing family.

$250 donation fee.

Please send an email to letting us know why you have the perfect home for this bonded pair.

Phoebe has found her Forever Home!

Hi, everyone!

My Name is Phoebe. My foster dad Calls me “Biebs”.

Phoebe 1

I want to fill you all in on my story, a bit. See I was picked up as a stray, and apparently taken to a shelter in Sandy, Utah where after 10 days no one came for me. Not a single person. I sat there cold, scared, and alone until this handsome, big man picked me up, and next thing I know we are in his car on the way to my new home. Now, at this new Home… man let me tell you what an adventure this was, he set me down and first creature I came across was this big fluffy white thing. She kind of looked like a dog and my foster mom called “Thor’s Kitty”. So I’m guessing she’s a cat, who thinks she’s a dog but she’s definitely a CAT! However, Bowie is cool, she’s part of the pack. I pay her no attention, and we live together in harmony. Sometimes she comes over to lick me, it’s quite enjoyable! Now, I have 4 other new family members, 2 foster brothers (whom are real weenies), no joke! And 2 Frenchie siblings. Thor is my foster brother. We hit it off instantly, and played until he tried to bully a bone away from me then we got mad at each other and Mama told us that we looked like 2 Hippos making out aggressively. Whatever that means. My Foster sister Is Kybelle. At first, she acted like a diva but now we totally try to get the killer hose together. We make a great team. I am a sweet girl, I get along with dogs with proper introduction, and my mom has not seen me be naughty unless provoked by my foster siblings.

We are fed separately 2x a day and I have been a picky eater but I am doing well on good quality dog food. Other than that, I think we are a great little family! I definitely didn’t get much exercise at my last home, and the vet guessed me to be a very healthy 6 year old. I Passed all my exams with flying colors! I am, however, a little tubby. We Frenchies have fragile backs, and this extra love I’m carrying around may look cute, but it definitely isn’t good for me. Foster mama has me on high quality food, monitored carefully and we get as much exercise as we can (when it’s not hot out).

She encourages playing, and THE HOSE!! THE HOSE IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD YA’LL! I can chase, and chase it for hours, however, I do need smaller play sessions. But the second that hose comes out, man I just light up! My foster mom thinks I would be good around older, very respectful kids. I need space, love, and respect just as much as anyone. I am crate trained, sure I fuss a little at times, but I do just fine in the crate. In my foster home I often sleep in my crate, but I know I would be the perfect bed buddy also.

Did I mention I love bones? Antlers and Raw femur bones, and tough Nylabones are my favorite things. I will just go lay in my spot and chew for hours on end! I also am very good during bath time, and I walk great on leash. Did I mention I love to give kisses? Wet sloppy ones!

Thanks to RMFBR I am up to date on all shots, and am now Microchipped. I don’t think I could ever handle another shelter visit or someone giving up on me. My foster dad left me at the vet the other day for all my labs and exams, and It was scary! Boy I screamed so loud, everyone laughed and it was all for nothin! He came back! My foster mom promised me that as long as I am alive, she would make sure that I go to the best forever home that will love me Unconditionally. She says it won’t be goodbye, but there are others that need her help. So, will you be my new forever family? Foster mama claims my forever family will love me even more than I can Imagine. Do you have the room in your heart for a gal like me?

Phoebe 2

Phoebe’s donation fee is $500. To apply for Phoebe, be sure you have an application on file (see application tab) then send us an email of about 250 words stating why your home is perfect for Phoebe. Use her name as the subject and send it to


Save The Frenchies Event

We are running out of time on our CareCredit Vet bills from last year. If they don’t get paid, we will have thousands of dollars added on in interest. Help! Help us start with a clean slate and an open card for the needs coming up.
We are running multiple fundraisers. In the discussion area of the Facebook event, you will find links to the different events.
Have fun and save some lives!

Event Here

French Fever Quilt Raffle!
This is the BIG event!
Only 200 numbers available!

Quilt measures 54”x39”
Hand-sewn and hand-embroidered
12 squares with three different designs- French Bulldog, heart, and paw print.

Thicker and quilted backing

Ticket numbers are $10 each. PayPal directly to our account using “Friends and Family” and you will receive a random number and the link to the raffle site.
Buy as many as you’d like!
**Be sure to note on your PayPal “Quilt”!**
(Also in comments for easier copying.)

Raffle will be held March 5 OR as soon as 200 numbers are sold.

To follow along in the comments section (for info or links), simply comment your favorite thing about French bulldogs!


Quilt Info

Items for Sale
See comments below for items.
All items are Buy It Now. If you want an item, reply to the photo you want it. I will comment with instructions. Item must be paid immediately. Item will ship the next business day. Price includes US shipping.

Items added daily!



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