Phoebe has found her Forever Home!

Hi, everyone!

My Name is Phoebe. My foster dad Calls me “Biebs”.

Phoebe 1

I want to fill you all in on my story, a bit. See I was picked up as a stray, and apparently taken to a shelter in Sandy, Utah where after 10 days no one came for me. Not a single person. I sat there cold, scared, and alone until this handsome, big man picked me up, and next thing I know we are in his car on the way to my new home. Now, at this new Home… man let me tell you what an adventure this was, he set me down and first creature I came across was this big fluffy white thing. She kind of looked like a dog and my foster mom called “Thor’s Kitty”. So I’m guessing she’s a cat, who thinks she’s a dog but she’s definitely a CAT! However, Bowie is cool, she’s part of the pack. I pay her no attention, and we live together in harmony. Sometimes she comes over to lick me, it’s quite enjoyable! Now, I have 4 other new family members, 2 foster brothers (whom are real weenies), no joke! And 2 Frenchie siblings. Thor is my foster brother. We hit it off instantly, and played until he tried to bully a bone away from me then we got mad at each other and Mama told us that we looked like 2 Hippos making out aggressively. Whatever that means. My Foster sister Is Kybelle. At first, she acted like a diva but now we totally try to get the killer hose together. We make a great team. I am a sweet girl, I get along with dogs with proper introduction, and my mom has not seen me be naughty unless provoked by my foster siblings.

We are fed separately 2x a day and I have been a picky eater but I am doing well on good quality dog food. Other than that, I think we are a great little family! I definitely didn’t get much exercise at my last home, and the vet guessed me to be a very healthy 6 year old. I Passed all my exams with flying colors! I am, however, a little tubby. We Frenchies have fragile backs, and this extra love I’m carrying around may look cute, but it definitely isn’t good for me. Foster mama has me on high quality food, monitored carefully and we get as much exercise as we can (when it’s not hot out).

She encourages playing, and THE HOSE!! THE HOSE IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD YA’LL! I can chase, and chase it for hours, however, I do need smaller play sessions. But the second that hose comes out, man I just light up! My foster mom thinks I would be good around older, very respectful kids. I need space, love, and respect just as much as anyone. I am crate trained, sure I fuss a little at times, but I do just fine in the crate. In my foster home I often sleep in my crate, but I know I would be the perfect bed buddy also.

Did I mention I love bones? Antlers and Raw femur bones, and tough Nylabones are my favorite things. I will just go lay in my spot and chew for hours on end! I also am very good during bath time, and I walk great on leash. Did I mention I love to give kisses? Wet sloppy ones!

Thanks to RMFBR I am up to date on all shots, and am now Microchipped. I don’t think I could ever handle another shelter visit or someone giving up on me. My foster dad left me at the vet the other day for all my labs and exams, and It was scary! Boy I screamed so loud, everyone laughed and it was all for nothin! He came back! My foster mom promised me that as long as I am alive, she would make sure that I go to the best forever home that will love me Unconditionally. She says it won’t be goodbye, but there are others that need her help. So, will you be my new forever family? Foster mama claims my forever family will love me even more than I can Imagine. Do you have the room in your heart for a gal like me?

Phoebe 2

Phoebe’s donation fee is $500. To apply for Phoebe, be sure you have an application on file (see application tab) then send us an email of about 250 words stating why your home is perfect for Phoebe. Use her name as the subject and send it to


Brodie Has Found His Forever Home!


Brodie is a NM 5yo bundle of cuddles! He is seriously the sweetest guy ever. He wants nothing but to be with him human.
When the vet calls and says “I’ve never seen this in 30 years of practice…”
Brodie is an interesting case. He was surrendered because he was having potty issues. Turns out, this boy has an open vertebra! His L7 has no top! It’s like walking along and coming to an open manhole, looking in, and seeing the spine. While the vet does not want to call it Spina Bifida, he also does not want to say it is not SB. What it comes down to, is Brodie needs to wear diapers.
When we first got Brodie, his back leg was completely atrophied and he refused to use the stairs. With lots of love, patience, and physical therapy, Brodie is flying up and down stairs and tearing across the yard. He still tucks the leg occasionally when he gets the zoomies, but it doesn’t impede his abilities.
Brodie has been neutered and is up to date on vaccines. His last full panel bloodwork all came back 100% normal.


Brodie did have 13 teeth removed! He will need his kibble meals softened over night but does not need canned food.
This little man is so passive. Even the grumpy dogs fall in love with him!
Brodie has tried out a couple different homes. Unfortunately, his diaper issues have kept him from finding his forever home. Every one who meets him immediately falls for him. He just wants his human to be happy and will do anything for you.
Please be aware of Brodie’s medical issue and really think about if you can handle it. He will be fine in a home with another dog or with children over 12. He has been around older, calm cats. It would be best if someone worked from home or, at the least, is able to stop by at lunch to change him. He is crate trained and has no problem sleeping in it. Of course, he would rather be with you and is a bit of a bed hog.
Is your home perfect for Brodie? Might he finally find the love he deserves? If you think so, please be sure you have an application on file and then email us why you think your home is perfect

Adoption donation $250


Porkchop has Found His Forever Home!

Porkchop is a sweet 5 year old boy. He’s as beautiful as his personality. He is a paraplegic. On August 6th, 2013, he ruptured his L1 vertebrae due to IVDD. He has been in a cart since. However, this sweet boy has no problem getting around. He loves to keep up with the rest of them. He unfortunately has no bladder or bowel control. You can use diapers or pads to help with this. As a result he is prone to UTIs and is currently on antibiotics recovering from one. He will need his bladder expressed every 4-6 hrs. He howls when he makes a mess to let you know he needs his area cleaned. He is very happy and loves to be around people. He enjoys going outside to get fresh air and to play. He seems to be putting on weight and is getting stronger. He is the sweetest little boy. He has a great temperament and is great with kids and dogs. He’s a love bug.

Porkchop’s donation will be $250. If you are the perfect home for Porkchop, be sure you have an application in with us and then send a detailed email explaining how your home is Porkchop’s forever home to

Rue has found her forever home!

IRue (5 1/2yo SF)  is a very sweet girl with lots of energy and love to give. She really enjoys going for walks about 3-4 times a day. We are working on her manners, she is strong and she pulls and barks when cars go by. She does not like cars at all (she hates windshield wipers)  she does not do well riding in the car and she wants to chase cars that drive by when walking. Rue does not need to be crated, she is housebroken and I have had no problems with leaving her free to roam during the days. She likes to sleep in the bed at night, but doesn’t hog it or snore which is nice!

rue2She does not like to share her things or her space too much. I have introduced her to  other dogs both inside and out. She seems to do better outside, but can still be somewhat aggressive if she is approached too quickly by another dog. She would do best as an only pet. She has not met any cats, but she likes to chase squirrels and bunnies so I don’t know how well she’d do with cats. She has met a few kids on our walks and has been gentle with them. My favorite thing about Rue is her giant smile and her sweet personality. She is always very happy to see me when I get home. She always wants to be pet and loved, yet she does have a bit of an independent side too.

rue3She is very vocal and has no problem telling you when she wants something. It seems as though she has some anxiety about loud noises and traffic so I think she’d do best in a quiet home with a backyard. She also gets anxiety about being left home. I usually give her a few treats before I leave and that seems to help. Rue is a very energetic lady and she will no doubt make someone a wonderful companion! She is completely healthy, has been vetted, and is up to date on her vaccines.

Rue’s adoption fee will be $500. Please be sure to have an application on file and then send an email to telling us why you are the perfect forever home for Rue.