PENDING ADOPTION Snow is looking for her forever home!

MEET “Snow” (aka Bunny for how she hops through the grass!). This little darling is a sweet, petite, demanding princess that expects your full attention and if she doesn’t have it, will do whatever it takes to get it in the most charming way. Snow is a mill mama and is learning how to dog!

She is the epitome of a Frenchie lady. She has a strong cuddle game and is happiest next to you on the sofa and in your bed at night. She is a quiet sleeper and after much negotiation, her bedtime is now 9:30pm. She wakes at 6AM. She likes her schedules. Although she is quite the little character at her foster home, she can be shy with visitors but warms up quickly with a little sweet talk and a back scratch. She is doing well with learning. She gives a high five, shakes, and when she feels inclined; sits when asked. She adores her early morning, midday and evening walks to visit the livestock. She shows no interest in the horses but is curious around chickens. There is one hen here that she’d love to chase if I let her and she makes halfhearted attempts to chase rabbits. She is curtailed with a simple no or short whistle. She responds well with verbal cues and is quite lovely on and off leash. She is very athletic and loves to run although is insecure with wandering off too far to explore even in the safety of the backyard. She hasn’t quite figured out how to take care of business in the grass (specifically bowel movements) but easily urinates with the firm consistent command, “Go Potty”. She will need a continual consistent schedule to continue housetraining.

Snow is curious about everything that is not a toy, meaning she would rather empty a water bowl and carry it around than play with the 10 toys in the house. She does play a gentle game of tug o war on occasion with a rope or rag toy. She will pick up a bully stick and chew on it for a while. She LOVES watching television and will sit quietly on the sofa or floor paying attention to every detail of what is happening. Her favorite shows are HGTV’s Island Hunters and Covert Affairs. She loves her spy shows! She lives on belly and butt rubs. Her favorite snacks are a few pieces of plain popcorn, cheese or hotdogs (used for her antibiotics).
She is eating well and is currently on Pro Plan’s canned shredded turkey, peas and rice. This diet has produced zero allergic flare ups and the issues with her skin when she arrived are almost resolved. She does get an oatmeal bath once a week to stave off the “itchies” and OxyMed topical spray is used on her feet when she occasionally (rarely) licks them. This is usually after a long time out on the grass so there may be some sensitivity there or it may be residual from her past home situation. Her ropes, ears and between her toes are cleaned with witch hazel wipes to prevent future yeast flareups and she has gotten used to her “spa treatments”. Her skin is getting soft and light pink and she no longer has the smell of infection. Her coat is beautiful: healthy and shiny with minimal shed. She sleeps on the bed or in a crate but in true Bully fashion, prefers the bed.

She is getting used to rides in the car and she is very well behaved on leash when going to stores like Big R or PetSmart. She has two beds in the house and prefers the pillows from my sofa or the sofa itself. Snow is all about relaxation and taking in the summer days by laying in the hammock with you. She will stand in her pool to cool off but will not seek it out on her own.
Overall, Snow has quickly adjusted to single girl living and loves having an attentive human be at her beck and call. She is quiet and has barked once when crated for the first time. Typical Frenchie loud snoring and flatulence has spared this girl and her breathing is quite perfect with only ladylike snorts and snores. She is quiet and calm and would really love a likeminded family to call her own.

Snow will be best in a home where she is in charge. If you have another dog, he should be smaller (Frenchie size) and a passvie male. She has been good with small children; we will consider a home with respectful small kiddos. *Children and dogs should never be left alone together.*

Snow is healthy and up to date on vaccines. She is about 3 years old. Her adoption fee will be $500. If you are interested in adopting snow, please be sure you have meet the adoption requirements and then email us at about why your home is perfect for Snow.