PENDING ADOPTION Pugsley is available for adoption!

Hello! I’m Pugsley! Let me tell you about myself.
I like to play with the human children often. I also love the company of Gomez, my Frenchie friend… and Logan who’s a little bigger but he’s my other dog friend. I love to play with toys, balls, stuffed animals. I like it all! Sometimes I like to tease the human children by putting their shoes, underwear, and socks all over the house. I know not to chew them, but I like to be mischievous. The human children are 5 years old and 13 years old. I like to cuddle with the older child, and I like to play with the younger child. I also love meeting new people. I never jump or nip but I do like to go up to them and sniff away! Sometimes I get lucky and they will pet me, so I greet them with doggie kisses.
My foster mom and I go for walks. I don’t like the harness or leash as much, but I am trying. Once I get going, I have no problem with it, and I enjoy it. I was very hesitant at first but with each walk it becomes easier and easier. I love the outdoors so it’s a lot of fun. However, my mom says I also must use the potty outside. I sometimes like to but sometimes I don’t get it and need extra help learning to go outside for that purpose. I just want to play, and I forget! I do need extra time outside to focus on going potty. I’m still learning but I promise I’m worth the time and patience.

I love people and other animals, but I also like my crate. I usually like my crate while my foster mom is at work. It gives me a chance to rest and relax. I really like it when she leaves the radio on for me. I never go potty in my crate. I like to keep a clean tidy space.
I am a healthy 3-year-old and 30lb Frenchie. I don’t have a special diet, but grain free food sits better in my tummy. I’m not crazy about treats but I do love bully sticks to chew on. I do not have any allergies I am aware of. I have a lot of love, kisses, cuddles and play time I want to share with someone. I hope they have other doggos. I love company. I cannot wait to meet you and share with you all I have to offer.

Pugsley has no medical issues. He has had his nares opened and palate trimmed. He is neutered. Pugsley came from a breeder release in OK. His adoption fee will be $750. Be sure you have your adoption application (same as the foster application) on file. Once you do, please send us an email at (about 250 words) explaining why your house is perfect for Pugsley. We will also ask that you have shown support for the rescue – either by donations, volunteer activities, or being a previous foster.