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Gemma is PENDING looking for her Furever Home!

Applications are closed for Gemma.
Gemma is a sweet and happy-go-lucky 4 year old retired mill mamma.
She wants nothing more than to be loved and absolutely adores people! She is great on a leash and likes riding in the car. She is crate trained but prefers sleeping on the bed with her people. She is a fantastic snuggler and is an excellent companion.

Initially Gemma was shy and unsure which made her reactive to other dogs and people, but it was not an aggressive reaction. When introduced to other dogs, she is interested and friendly. She responds to her people’s emotions, so she needs a laid back dog experienced home.

Gemma would do best in a home with a yard; she LOVES going outside. She is used to being able to go outside via a dog door and this is how she is potty trained. She is private about her potty habits, and although she adores going on walks, she doesn’t like to potty with an audience. Even after a long walk, she will come back inside and run out the dog door to go potty in private.

Gemma loves her people, and is content to spend her day laying in her bed at the your feet while you work. She doesn’t need someone home all the time, she is fine in her crate or being left out, however, she likes her crate when she is alone.

She is active, but not destructive so when left alone, she didn’t destroy anything. She didn’t show interest in anything that wasn’t a dog toy. Because she came from a mill, she marked everything at first. However, once she settled in (3 days) she didn’t do that anymore. She knows her name and responds to it. So she will do better without a name change. She also knows “Gem-Gem” and “Gemma-Bean”.

She is VERY SMART and learns very quickly. Clicker training is a great tool for her.

Cats- She is fine with them. She ignored the one in her foster home.

Other dogs- Absolutely! She would do really well with a calm playmate.

Kids- None under 15 years old. She isn’t a kid friendly dog. They give her anxiety and she snaps at them.

Favorites Antlers, McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Loud soft toys that she can shake

Special Consideration: Mild Allergies, 2 Zyrtec per day. Otherwise she is a very healthy dog.

Gemma is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and healthy. Bloodwork including lyme and heartworming testing were performed within the last couple of weeks and all is clear and healthy. Gemma’s adoption donation will be $750.

For full instructions on how to apply to adopt Gemma, please go here: https://rmfbr.org/adoption/

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  1. Melissa Gebert says:

    I would love to hear about your available and adoptable French Bulldogs! I would love to adopt into a forever home or foster.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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