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To apply for any of our dogs, please go to the Applications tab. To adopt, you need both the Foster application and the Adoption application completed. You do not need to be a foster to adopt from us.

Lola is looking for her Furever Family!

All About Lola!


Lola is a 3.5yo (birthday in February) SF French Bulldog who looks like a boxer puppy! She is up to date on vaccines

  • We say Lola is the best of both worlds- she is the CUDDLIEST dog and will literally curl up in a ball next to you or on top of you, but then when she wakes up she will wrestle with you, run with you, and do zoomies without getting tired.
  • Lola loves to sleep in the bed either right next to us, or on top of our pillows behind our head. She is such a cuddler.
  • Lola is the sweetest little girl. She is a lover and you will feel so loved when you are around her.
  • Lola does get spooked easily and likes to use her voice and bark inside as well as outside when she sees new people or dogs. She is calm when meeting them and can be a little hesitant, but loves everyone she meets.
  • Lola is great in the car- she is in the car at least 2 times a week and does great
  • Lola has endurance. We will take her on a 1-2 mile walk and our Frenchie will be panting and tired and Lola won’t even be panting AT ALL! Her face isn’t flat so she can breathe and regulate her temperature much better than most frenchies I know.
  • Lola loves to hike
  • Lola doesn’t like bodies of water- creeks, lakes etc- she likes to steer clear!
  • Lola is good off leash. She doesn’t run and comes when called
  • Lola is great with other dogs, and does best with younger dogs. She loves to play and wrestle with other dogs and she doesn’t quite understand older dogs that don’t want that. Lola would benefit from a house with another young or energetic dog to play with- I think she would be sad/have too much energy if she was an only dog
  • Lola knows basic commands of sit and lay down. She’s working on not humping, not jumping, and not stealing food!
  • Lola loves to give kisses to her humans
  • Lola will be your shadow, she will follow you around. You go to the bathroom, Lola is in there with you!
  • Lola loves pillows and the couch- often I will find her alone cuddled up on a pillow on the couch or bed.
  • Lola sleeps in her bed near me when I work, but she likes to play or go for a walk every few hours- she gets restless if she doesn’t get a lot of play and exercise.
  • Lola is good with cats. She is interested in my cat, but for the most part she respects him. Every now and then she will bark and him and try to play with him, all friendly and not aggressive.
  • Lola is good in different environments. She’s been hiking, camping, to restaurants, in cars, to multiple different houses and she does well everywhere she goes.
  • Lola will do well with someone that wants to integrate her into their life and add her to their active lifestyle. She can do much more than a standard Frenchie in terms of exercise and heat tolerance given her taller stature, lean body, wide open nostrils, and not flat face. While individuals should still be aware of her needs as a dog, she can run laps around most Frenchies and their breathing issues. She literally runs laps around my dog
  • When leaving Lola alone I give her a treat as I walk out the door and she does fine in my home for a few hours. When leaving her for longer than 1-2 hours I do crate her and she does well in the crate.
  • She drinks so much water she has to go out every 2 hours or she WILL pee in the house. Her tell that she needs to go out is often restlessness.


  • Lola eats 1 cup of Hills D/D Skin Issues food with a splash of water twice a day.
  • Lola gets treats that do not have any other animal by products. So her treats are fruit/peanut butter based and she does well on these (fruitables)
  • Lola LOVES water. She drinks a ton and loves a water fountain (we are going to buy her one to send home with her adopters because she loves it so much!)
  • Lola also likes Whimzees Natural Grain Free Dental Dog Treats about every 2 weeks to help keep her teeth clean


  • Lola has some specific medical issues. Please know she does also have a severe allergy to stings. You will need to be sure you have prednisone and benedryl with you at all times with her in case of a reaction.
  • Lola gets 2 pumps of her allergy serum under her tongue before each meal
  • Lola gets ½ prednisone every other day in the am
  • Lola needs medicated baths (soak the shampoo for 10 minutes) every 1-2 weeks followed by medicated conditioner. She tolerates these well although she gets cold when the shampoo is soaking
  • Lola gets her face folds wiped nightly with chlorohexidine wipes followed by wrinkle balm- her face is really the only part of her that is still itchy. Her folds are red and don’t have a ton of hair
  • She is prone to ear infections so her ears also need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks with malacetic.

If you are interested in Lola, please be sure you have your application https://rmfbr.org/adoption/ on file and then submit a (200 words or so) email as to why your home is perfect for Lola to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com  Lola’s donation fee is $250.

Nala is looking for her Furever Home!

Nala is a 4-ish year old Frenchie-Puggle mix who was found left in the “Overnight Drop” of  a shelter.  According to them she was severely shut down and acted like a much older dog. She came to foster and blossomed in an environment she felt loved. Her vet check came back without any issues so she is a healthy girl with no special needs. Nala was obviously someone’s pet because she is not only potty trained, but knows commands such as not jumping on the furniture unless invited when people are on them! She settled in well in the home and quickly learned her boundaries. She is an absolute love! She is an extra sweet snuggler who just adores people. On her first day she would flop on her back whenever anyone went to pet her. She loves belly rubs, and after a couple days of getting settled, she actively sought out affection.

She is an independent and active girl who plays with stuffed toys (the harder she can shake them the better). She is exceptionally smart, so making sure she has toys that stimulate her is important. We have several treat distributing Brain Teaser toys that she LOVES and they keep her from getting bored.  Nala is not destructive at all. She hasn’t chewed on anything that wasn’t her own toy since coming into foster. She is happy to spend her day hanging out doing her own thing. She is content to be alone and although we have put her in the crate when we are away, it is unlikely she would do anything but hop up on the sofa and nap while you were gone.

Nala will sleep in her crate (if it is covered up) but prefers to sleep in the bed with her people. Overall she is an independent and easy going girl with the sweetest personality and a genuine love of people. In the home she really is the perfect pet, an absolute joy who loves people.

Although Nala is absolutely amazing, she was not well socialized. It is likely she was an only dog, or never interacted with other dogs outside her family pack. The ideal home for Nala would have a fenced space (a small space is fine) where she can enjoy her space around without being bothered by strangers (like neighbor dogs or cats). Nala does fine with those animals she sees as members of her family, but will become aggressive towards stranger animals (she loves all people).

She has a high prey drive, so in an urban environment without a yard to romp around she struggled on be comfortable on the leash. She doesn’t enjoy going for walks; she want to go outside and smell everything and chase whatever she sees, which is why we feel a home with a small yard is important.

In addition to not be interested in walks, she became agitated  when she saw other dogs (she will screech non-stop and if they come to close, she becomes aggressive) and became obsessive if she saw a squirrel or rabbit (she walks with her nose to the ground in hunting mode). Her trainer believes the leash makes her feel like she is trapped, and since she can’t “escape” a threat (i.e stranger dog) she reacts aggressively. Nala would do best in a home where she has people who love her and she can have her own space, but interaction with strangers (dogs) is limited. She isn’t the type of dog to take to the dog park or out where there will be other dogs. She is perfectly happy to stay home with her pack and let them treat her like the little princess she is!  The vet has prescribed her a low dose of Prozac to help temper her obsessive behaviors and will help her transition into a forever home easily. She will need to stay on this medication indefinitely ($12/month).

Nala is an absolute doll who quickly adjusted to her foster home and who behaves beautifully in the home. She responds quickly to affection and treats (very food motivated!) and settles in quickly. Her only anxiety is only outside the home (she needs to be in a crate for car rides) and it is more over excitement that aggression. She is scrappy, but only if the other dog snaps first, she has only responded to perceived threats, not instigated. She is an wonderful dog who will be the a great addition to her forever family.

Kids– Yes. – Prefer over 10 years of age.

Cats– Totally fine with them! She happily shared foster parents laps with their kitty.

Other Dogs– No

Yard– Yes, she is used to being able to go outside and “patrol” and “hunt”, when on a leash she becomes over stimulated and very reactive to other dogs.

Potty Trained– YES! Never had an accident, she can use a dog door but also knows to and goes to the door when she needs to go outside.

If you are interested in Nala, please be sure you have your application https://rmfbr.org/adoption/ on file and then submit a (200 words or so) email as to why your home is perfect for Nala to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com  Nala’s donation fee is $250.

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