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PENDING. Ruby is looking for her Furever Home!

Ruby is a very sweet and cuddly Frenchie, who is approximately 5 years old and recently spayed. She is a golden tan color with a slightly darker face and soulful brown eyes. It looks as though she has been a mama in the not-too-distant past.

She definitely loves humans and makes friends with virtually anybody that she meets! She will run up and ask for pets and give kisses in return. She is happiest in your lap, snoozing, or being carried around literally like a baby. If you are petting her, she will look in your eyes and make it clear that she is in heaven and loves you right back. There is no doubt that if you want a loyal, faithful companion ever at your side, Ruby is perfect for that role.

She is fully house trained and learned how to use a doggy door in record time. She loves going for walks when the weather is nice, but also knows to go take care of business quickly when it’s cold, wet or snowy out. I have taken her on daily 2-mile walks and she handles that with ease and delight. Afterwards she conks out and has a nice long nap complete with “sawing logs” snoring and chasing rabbits in her sleep.

She is “prey motivated” and wants to chase squirrels. She is also on guard around the house, and will bark at passersby and other dogs if she sees them. When meeting other dogs she remains vigilant, but can also warm up, play or be indifferent. It really depends on the circumstances and the other dog. She seems most unconcerned when the other dog is non-threatening, calm and male. If left off leash in her own yard she may rush up to other dogs who approach. She knows her name and mostly responds to commands, but can get excited and overwhelmed, too. Most dog meetings have been with both dogs on a leash, and though her fur goes up, she usually just sniffs around and behaves.

Ruby is very food motivated and has an endless appetite. She eats very fast and would probably benefit from a dish that makes her slow down and work for it a bit more. That said, she seems to do well and has no known digestion issues. She will for sure watch you eat, and make it clear she wants you to share, but also gives up on staring after a little while if you tell her no. She is a thirsty girl and appreciates you keeping her water dish fresh and full. 

If you get on the floor, Ruby is always down for a gentle wrestle session, with very soft mouth and a playful disposition. She’s not hugely interested in toys, but will occasionally chase a ball. She’s not a natural fetch-and-return retriever type, but will engage in some tug-o-war. She welcomes chew toys that are edible, such as bully sticks, Greenies and raw hides. She does not have a destructive side and does not chew on furniture, shoes or anything not designated as hers.

She has apparently been crate trained, but certainly prefers to be at your side whenever possible, including car rides (which she adores), and bed time. If you let her, she will snuggle right in bed with you, pressed against you. She doesn’t snore overly much or with much volume, and that’s a bonus if you know Frenchies! Also, she’s not nearly as gassy as some I’ve been around. Although she had some mild tummy issues at first, those cleared up rapidly and since then she has shown no physical problems at all; she’s a youthful, healthy clear-eyed pup.

Overall, Ruby is going to make someone a very happy Frenchie parent. She’s so loving and sweet, so excited to see you and be around you, full of life, but also calm, smart and eager to please. 

Because of her prey drive, Ruby would do best in a home without children under 10. Additionally, Ruby is happiest and calmest when she is the princess and so the home should have no other pets. 

Ruby’s donation will be $750. If you are interested in Ruby, please send an email to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com stating why your home is the best for Ruby. You can send a video if you prefer over writing. Please do include pictures of your home. 

We will be taking applications on Ruby until Feb 21 at 5pm. 

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  1. Melissa Gebert says:

    I would love to hear about your available and adoptable French Bulldogs! I would love to adopt into a forever home or foster.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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