Onax is looking for his Furever Home


It has been my pleasure to foster Onax. He is the kindest and most gentle soul. He loves to be petted and loved on. Everyone that has visited him thus far has adored him. 

Onax loves to play and explore. He has a cute little bouncy jaunt that has developed from his neurological and sight impairment that charms everyone. He thrives on routine and normality as his sight is significantly impaired. If you’re into moving furniture often, this boy may have a hard time adjusting! That being said, he took just a few days to navigate the simple layout of my home and gets around quite nicely. He does bump into walls/furniture on occasion if he gets turned around but just keeps right on shuffling along.

He has continual outdoor access from morning until dusk and loves to spend his (cooler) days snoozing on the covered deck or nosing around the backyard. His gait has significantly improved with frequent casual exercise and it is my opinion that if he continued daily free time to walk and exercise that his muscle tone would continue to improve although I don’t suspect he’ll ever have the strength he once had. Our yard has a hill in it and he climbs it willingly and very well. He is able to navigate one or 2 small steps we built him from the porch. His favorite toys are ropes for the most gentle game of tug-o-war you’ll ever play and the giant Jolly pets ball. He will bring tennis balls and squeaky toys to you for play as well and has learned how to grab toys from the puppy toy box.

He is quite smart! Onax loves walks and does well on leash although in the large yard he is free to roam and loves to take his time exploring. He’s pretty much house trained although being on steroids does make him take in a lot of water which results in frequent urination (every time he steps outside). He typically urinates once in the night and does not alert the need to go out. He does get pee pads for night time and uses them. He has had 2 BM accidents in the house early on but I blame that on a new environment. He has since been accident free with the exception of nighttime urination which is reasonable due to his medication. Onax has regular BMs 2 times a day at  morning and evening. 

Onax has very few teeth and has been switched from his hard kibble to a soft senior food (currently Pro Plan Adult 7+ Turkey and Rice as approved by our veterinarian). He is doing very well on it. His bloated belly has receded some but he will continue to have puffiness due to steroid treatment, his coat is softer and I have not seen him lick his paws since the switch. A Grain free diet and rabbit is NOT recommended for him.  

Onax is easy to bathe and has had two oatmeal treatments to soothe his skin infection (for which he is on antibiotics). His absolute favorite part is being held in your lap while getting towel dried. Onax is on medication that is easily given. One is a small pill I mix into his soft food in the morning and the other is an oral suspension given twice daily that is a breeze to administer. He is also very good with having his nails trimmed. 

Onax gets along well with his bossy foster sister and is pretty passive with toy play and sharing attention. He will play tug with his foster sister Frenchie but not for long although he does like to follow her around in the yard and sleep next to her. Onax does have significant aggressive resource guarding with other dogs and is fed separately without issue. He does not show any resource guarding towards humans and does not show aggression to animals once properly socialized for daily living. 

It is my opinion that Onax would do best with someone that is home during the day to be able to take him out often. We are also a very quiet and calm household and he seems to do well in that environment. Sudden or quick movements and loud noises can startle him due to his vision loss and younger kiddos or overbearing/rough play animals may not suit him. He does bark at the neighbors’ dogs (they are 20 acres away so his hearing is quite good!) and will alert if someone knocks on the door. 

Overall, Onax is a very simple to care for pup that is a joy to be around. He is just so kind and so cute. I expect anyone that brings him home will fall in love as quickly as I have. 

Onax will be best placed in a quiet home without young children or young playful dogs. His vision is approximately 40% and he will need a home that understands his needs. Onax’s donation fee will be $300. To apply for Onax, please be sure your application is on file and then send us a detailed email (or video) explaining why your home is best for Onax.