Nellie and Lola have found their Furever Home!

Nellie and Lola are looking for their Furever Home!

Nellie (brindle SF 9yo) and Lola (cream SF 8yo) are looking for their furever home! 


Definitely the big sister role. She has to have first pets, first water, first food and first one to wake up in the house. Nellie is a HUGE show off. Any human she meets she has to show how much energy she has for a 9 year old Frenchie. Within 5 minutes of entering my house she found one of my Rugby balls and now that is her favorite toy. As hard as she plays keep-a-way and fetch, she crashes just as hard as soon as she is done playing. Nellie is the Protector of the house. Any noises outside or new people she hasn’t met before enter the house, she grumbles and growls. This quickly is turned off once she realizes everything is OK. As an older dog, Nellie does need to go out more frequently but she is just fine with not having to do long walks.


Really sweet dog and her ONLY issue is she has leash aggression. If you are on a long walk you’ll have to be mindful and dodge other dogs as she gets anxious and barks aggressively. You can calm her down by crouching down and petting her through it. Besides that, a TOTAL heartbreaker! She melts the hearts of any more she meets, big cuddle bug, loves her naps and will sleep as long as you want. Lola loves a good wrestle. Lola loves going out and on walks; mention “Walk” to her and watch her flip out. Personality? Give Nellie any sort of attention more than Lola and watch her fake pout and even fake snore to make you feel bad.


When Nellie plays, Lola playfully attacks her; nipping at Nellie’s ears and back legs. Nellie does not seem to mind at all. Nellie likes to play with her toys and Lola likes to wrestle. If you sleep with them in your bed, Lola will end up near your chest and Nellie is under the covers and at your legs; good luck moving!!! 

Both dogs have been fully vetted (including bloodwork) and are both healthy and happy. 

Nellie and Lola are a bonded pair and will be adopted together – no exception. Their donation fee is $500. To adopt, please FOLLOW THIS LINK