Adoption Contract. When you are chosen as an adoption home, we will ask you to sign and agree to the contract. Adoption Contract

In order to adopt, you must have an application on file. The foster application and adoption application are the same. Adoption Application

Once a dog is available for adoption, we ask that you send us a note or video email to explaining in detail why your home is perfect for that dog. The more details as related to the specific dog, the stronger your application will be for the Board review.

Please note: We get over a hundred applications per dog. As a Board, we have changed who is eligible for adoption. We want our adopters to show support for rescue. Therefore, in order to be eligible to adopt, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have volunteered for RMFBR. This could be as a foster, a transport, or a fundraiser activity.
  2. Have donated to RMFBR in the past.
  3. Willing to make a donation of at least $25 when submitting your adoption application.

Please send proof of donation and/or dates/times of activities you have participated in when submitting your email.