Brisket needs a foster home!

Brisket needs a foster home!


Brisket needs a home NOW!

She does not do well with other dogs, so we are asking for no other dogs in the home.

Please be sure to read all about Brisket. If you think you can help her, please be sure you have an application on file and then email us stating why your home is perfect for her.

You will be required to sign the foster agreement after the home, reference, and vet check.

Dog’s Name Brisket

Sex of Dog Female

Spayed or Neutered? Yes

Color – Brindle

Approximate Weight 25

Dog’s Age 5

Is your dog up to date on vaccinations? Yes

Brisket is paralyzed below her waist. She uses a wheelchair to get around. She also wears diapers and needs regular diaper changes. She’s not on any medications. She’s actually in really good health, other than being paralyzed. She has experienced some diaper rash in the last month, but it has healed now.

Brisket is incontinent, and uses diapers. She’ll need regular diaper changes.

Crate/Kennel Trained? Yes, but prefers not to be kenneled

Is your dog leash trained? Yes

Likes people and other animals.


Does your dog dislike – Please check all that apply. Please check all items that your dog has been exposed to and dislikes or is aggressive towards. – No Dislikes

Has your dog EVER bitten? Please be as truthful and objective as possible. It is important that we know as much information as possible to determine his needs. No

Has your dog ever shown signs of food aggression? For example: dog growls or snaps when someone/something comes near him/her when eating. No

Has your dog ever shown signs of resource guarding? For example: dog growls or snaps when someone/something comes near him when he has a toy, sitting on owner’s lap, etc. No

Does your dog have any destructive habits to self or other objects?


Does your dog have any other behavioral issues not previously discussed in this questionnaire? For example: anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, etc. Yes – Please briefly describe in box below

Yes – Other behavioral issues. Please briefly describe Separation anxiety

What brand of dog food does your dog eat? Kirklands Grain Free

How much food do you feed your dog per day and how often?

1 cup, 2 times a day (morning and night)

Where does your dog typically sleep at night?

In her kennel

Does your dog have any history of extreme breathing difficulty when in a stressful situation, such as meeting strangers and/or traveling in the car? No

How does your dog do riding in a car? – Loves it!

Brisket just sits and enjoys her car rides. She usually rides with a towel underneath her, just in case she squirms out of her diaper.

When riding in a car, how does your dog usually travel? Loose in the car seat

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