Save a Life for $1!


$1 can make a huge difference. So when you are addressing and stamping your holiday cards, label an envelope to RMFBR and throw $1 in it. That easy. You don’t even have to send the card! On Christmas Day, I will put all the addresses in an drawing for a cool prize. Check back here to see who won!


Taz needs a foster!


Taz must be an only dog. He is so incredible with people. He spends hours just curled up next to me. He is not aggressive, but rather hyper-vigilant around other animals. It does not matter the size of the dog. Taz has had no stability in his life and his poor self-esteem comes out as defensive offense.

You can follow more on Taz and donate to his care here: Taz

If you are available to foster and have no other pets or children under 12, please fill out the  application.

Sweet and spunky Taz still needs a foster!
Taz is not good with other dogs.
Ideal home will be with a human he can trust. He is amazing with people.
Taz was a stray who has been in an outside shelter in KS for months. He is safe in a temporary home at RMFBR but desperately needs a foster home. 
He is almost deaf and is missing an eye. His teeth are broken and rotted so they are being removed in stages.
He deserves the best life.
Can you help?

The local small town Kansas shelter had previously been involved with Taz and Bridgette when they had been locked in a bathroom and starved.

A few months ago, the shelter found them wandering the streets in severe neglect. The shelter tried to press charges against the owner this time and Taz and Bridgette were stuck in the outside kennels while the law sorted it out. They decided to drop the charges and told the shelter “just euthanize those old dogs”.
So we stepped in. Now we need you.
Taz’s teeth are rotting and broken. We caught this just in time as an abscess was building under his gums. Almost half his teeth were removed yesterday and more dental surgeries are scheduled. He is also missing an eye from being attacked by a dog and is mostly deaf.
Bridgette will be getting her dental on Tuesday. She also has a large open mass/wound to be removed Tuesday. She has had an open wound for who knows how long.
These two have spent their 8 or 9 years fighting for their lives. We are trying to give them peace in their twilight years. They are both incredibly sweet and amazing dogs. They deserve love and comfort. Can you help us get them healthy?

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bridg 2.jpg

Bridgette on her freedom ride.