Tink has found a home!

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Hello, very nice to meet you, my new name is Tink, my foster dad named me that because when I walk around the house my little feet go “tink, tink, tink.” Who doesn’t love the sound of little paws? They also call me Tinker Bell sometime, because I am just that cute.Let me tell you a little bit about me. I was living with a family that had way too many dogs, so the people at RMFBR stepped in and took me to my new foster family. Here, I have settled in nicely and have learned what it is like to be a loving family pet.  I enjoy the company of other dogs and have daily wrestle sessions with my foster sisters. I am 100% potty trained and know how to go sit by the backdoor to let you know when it is time to go out, or I will even let myself out through a dog door. I know that being in my crate while the humans away is a safe and comfortable place to be and often will just go in there and lay down for a nap on my own. I am very proud to report I know how to walk nicely on a leash and know the commands of sit, off, go lay down, no, up, come, and stay. My humans are still working with me on more tricks, they say I am very smart! I love going to the dog park and get along with all other dogs and people I meet, big or small.
My favorite things to do in my foster home is snuggle on the couch with my humans. They let me crawl up on their laps and lay my head on their chest for nap-time, that is the best. I have learned to love the snow and like romping through it, even when it is taller than me!
The Dr. told me I have some allergies, but thanks to RMFBR they are now all under control. I will need a bath every week or two, but it is easy to do in the kitchen sink and I quite enjoy them, very relaxing. I also get an allergy shot once ever two weeks. The shots don’t bother me at all and I sit nicely for them.  I also am sensitive to food so will need a family that will feed me the kinds that work well for my skin, the great news is that the food can be purchased at pets mart so it is convenient. I also love veggies! Carrots, green beans, cucumbers, just call me a doggie composter.

Ok, well that is a awfully lot about me, I mean we haven’t even met yet! So fill out an application and lets get to know each other!

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Adoption fee $250